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Kakadu NP
måndag 7 december 2015 - Kakadu, Northern Territory, Australien

At 6.30 AM this morning a tour bus picked me up in Darwin for a day in Kakadu National Park. On the way there a cashew nut fruit was passed around. The guide and driver told us about the aboriginal's managing routine of the forest, resulting in the trees beeing low grown and young. After a

Discovering a Malaysian island and a continent

Discovering a Malaysian island and a continent

23 november 2015 - 15 januari 2016

Travelling through Borneo and Australia. Experiencing different kinds of rainforest, desert and big-city-life.

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Charlotte Eriksson
Senast aktiv - från Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australien
Cais Urbanke
Senast aktiv - från Singapore, Singapore
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