Last day - with added storm

tisdag 24 augusti 2010 Medborgaregatan 2, Mölndal, Västra Götalands län, Sverige
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Back in Gothenburg with the Karlssons and the "list".
Trying desperately to catch up with the blog as have been without computer access for weeks.
The car is extremely full but the chest of drawers did fit in1. As there was a small space left yesterday Margon and I hunted out a Weber BBQ for me. It's sitting in the passenger seat.

After weeks of wonderful weather its now blowing a full gale. I hope it will calm down by tonight. The ferry leaves at 8pm. Then I will be incommunicado for 26 hours but will probably spend the whole jouney being sea sick anyway.

Margon is shouting - he wants help with the hoovering - he is threatening me with a weigh in just to check how much I've put on - I know I can't fit into some of my clothes any longer.

Back to working off the list.......

Lena Pledger
Senast aktiv - från Huntingdon, England, Storbritannien

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