Star Ferry
Star Ferry

Star Ferry ,Tram ride and Happy Valley

torsdag 25 oktober 2018 Hongkong, Hongkong
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After a good nights sleep in our compact room on the 9th floor of the Stanford Hillview, with good views of skyscrapers, we headed downtown for a ride on the Star Ferry across  the water to Hong Kong Island as we wanted to ride on one of the famous trams.
In the old days these ferries were the only way across but now the MTR goes in a tunnel under the sea - but who wants to go on the underground when you can catch an iconic ferry?

Stopping off at the Tourist Information we were assisted by a nice young man who gave us lots of helpful tips and told us of the annual Food and Drink Festival taking place over the next few days. He even gave us some free vouchers for wine so there is a risk we will be popping by there tomorrow. 

Anita has been to Hong Kong several times before so she recommended the Tram to Happy Valley where the race course is situated. Also the cricket and football clubs. It was a great tram ride through several districts with changing scenery - small markets - rotten concrete- colonial buildings and skyscrapers. The trams are very narrow and when you meet one going the other way you can reach out through the window and touch it. They are all painted in different colours with lots of advertising. We did of course sit upstairs.

On the way back we jumped out and had tea and cakes at the very Chinese sounding " Le Pain Quotodien"  but walked all the way back to the Star Ferry to make up for it.

After a brief rest at home we headed out for something to eat and ended up at a restuarant that specialised in oysters and wine neither of which we wanted but they had a nice outside area and it was quiet - so that was fine.


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