Lovely swimming pool area
Lovely swimming pool area

Deja Vu in Hong Kong and getting sloshed at Food and Drink Festival

fredag 26 oktober 2018 Hongkong, Hongkong
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Our second day in Hong Kong started with spying out the chap sitting under a tree close to our hotel - bit of a deja vu as the same chap was sitting under the same tree 10 years ago when we were here last. We think he must be guarding the premises near us as he is there all day.

Did some ironing on borrowed hotel board which was obviously meant for midgets as virtually had to kneel in order to achieve very neat clothes.

We then spent 1 1/2 hours in search of a particular shopping mall which failed miserably but luckily we stumbled on another one with more than 700 shops ! And a Starbucks thankfully as by then we were desperate.

We did however pass a lovely outside swimming complex in Kowloon Park and if we had more time I would have been in there. A bargain at HKG$19 about £1.90

The object of the shopping expedition was to get me some new pyamas from Uniqlo after I had torn to shreds the ones I brought. 

We then took  the Star Ferry across to the Food and Drink Festival which was massive and on the quay side and used our free tickets and our 4 free tastings on sparkling wine ! It was very hot and humid today so we got sozzled quickly and had to come back home for a rest. Anita's mascara kept running so she looked like a nice panda.
We thought we deserved a taxi home after the Star Ferry ride back to Kowloon and our saving - lower deck this time $2,20 only rather than $2.70 but caught the grumpiest taxi driver ever who only grunted and did not seem to know where we wanted to go. No London "knowledge" there. We kept shouting at him and writing down the address but he seemed totally clueless and kept radioing the office for instructions !!!

Dinner tonight was interesting in a  "get them in and out fast " Chinese restaurant. With the menu you got a leaflet where you ticked your choices. Then the bill was the first to arrive - the food was slammed down in front of  us a bit later and two large mugs of tea in metal containers followed in the same way. No one can accuse the Chinese of any unnecessary service mindedness  let alone a smile. A marked contrast to Japan.

Flying off to Melbourne tomorrow morning.

PS our hotel has allegedly got a Roof Garden which we totally failed to find .......

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