Kakadu NP

måndag 7 december 2015 Kakadu, Northern Territory, Australien
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At 6.30 AM this morning a tour bus picked me up in Darwin for a day in Kakadu National Park. On the way there a cashew nut fruit was passed around. The guide and driver told us about the aboriginal's managing routine of the forest, resulting in the trees beeing low grown and young. After a breakfast break at a diner by the road and a bunch of kilometers, a boat took us for a tour on the Yellow waters. Some of today's tour companions were real bird enthusiasts and got excited over the airborne biodiversity. In the water a few salt-water crocs lurked. There was some time for a visit in the Warradjan Aboriginal cultural centre.

Back in the bus a video about salt-water crocs were shown as we headed towards Nourlangie Rock area. You don't really want to interact with a threatened or furious one of those.

Guided through the arts of Aborigines we looked at rock art on Burrunggui and got a beautiful view of the area and heard some really enthraling ancient stories. On the way back it started to sprinkle from above and I tried my best to protect my camera. The driver started a video about the Tasmanian devil while we headed back to Darwin. Interesting creature.

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