Lena's Summer Trip to Sweden

tisdag 13 juli 2010 - onsdag 25 augusti 2010

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Last day - with added storm

Back in Gothenburg with the Karlssons and the "list". Trying desperately to catch up with the blog as have been without computer access for weeks. The car is extremely full but the chest of drawers did fit in1. As there was a small space left yesterday Margon and I hunted out a Weber BBQ for me.

Diaster strikes
söndag 15 augusti 2010 - Vaxholm, Stockholms län, Sverige

Dad has been having some problems with pains in the back and this morning it all come to a head. A small pathetic voioe was heard from the bedroom - poor Dad could not stand up straight and was in a lot of pain. And he was due to go out guiding on a boat in the afternoon. And we were supposed to go

A bit of VFR
lördag 14 augusti 2010 - Sandviken, Gävleborgs län, Sverige

VFR - Visiting friends and relations for you not in the travel inductry. We were off to visit Dad's sister my auntie Gudrun and various other relations. I had promised Dad we would travel up any route he wanted so of course he wanted to go via Gysinge ie the slow route through the forest. He is

Anita's last day
fredag 13 augusti 2010 - Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sverige

As it was Anita's last day in Sweden we met up in Stockholm and walked miles. I took her to Af Chapman ( big sailing ship see picture of Maggie) and we sat on deck in the sunshine overlooking the Royal Palace eating Caesar Salad. Walked around Skeppsholmen and then went to Palace gift shop - we

Dentist and hygienist arghh
torsdag 12 augusti 2010 - Vaxholm, Stockholms län, Sverige

First dentist then hygienist how lucky can a person be. Mind they were both quite pleased with me and no fillings needed.But got some nasty little brucshes for between the teeth so have to go back on Monday to check I am using them correctly. How difficult can it be? Lollo gave me a lift to


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