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Onsen at Tanashi
söndag 29 augusti 2010 - Kodaira, Japan

Went to try out Onsen bathing at a place Ricardo knew about near Tanashi - it was awesome, and perfect after Roppongi yesterday. My favourite was the white bubbly pool thingy (there was no english signs at the place so no clue what pool / waterthingy I was jumping into. the 17 degree (celcius)

Magnus Spångdal
magnus.spangdal i Tokyo Banzai!
Senast aktiv - från Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sverige
Tokyo Banzai!

Tokyo Banzai!

17 augusti 2010 - 31 augusti 2010

A solo trip to Japan where I visit the capital Tokyo and the Ancient Capital Kyoto. A guest star on the trip is Richard Boss who is living Japan since 9 months ago studying Japanese.

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