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I'm a fun-loving bloke from Gävle in the northern parts of Sweden, who's longing to escape the "evil" clutches of this cursed country. When I'm home I enjoy spending time with my awesme family, insane friends, playing pool, watching movies and saving money for the next adventure. To six continents I've set foot on. But, so far on my bucket list to do is: -Mexico (Aztec temples), Belize (The great blue hole & the Beaches) and Panama. -The Trans-Mongolian rail road -Safari in Tanzania -Angkor Wat in Cambodia -South Africa (diving with sharks) -Fiji -New Zeeland -Castle Dracula -Graceland -Hollywood, Las Vegas & San Fransisco Time flies in a blink of an eye, which means I'm trying to do and try most things here in life. Especially travelling in some form or another. The more one sees of the world, the more one realizes how much more there is yet to explore. So little time, So little money, So much travelling left... Live now, Follow your dreams, REGRET NOTHING... I did... Just GO....
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hemstad Gävle, Gävleborgs län, Sverige
Senast aktiv - från Kairo, Egypten
Still The King of Kings.
söndag 5 januari 2020 - Kairo, Egypten

Of all the wonders of the world, of all the things that are worth seeing, of all the monuments past and present, the Great Pyramids of Giza are truly the King of them all.It was almost 20 years ago I went here with Miss SG in the summer of 2000. Yesterday, January 4, 2020, the Great One returned.

Ramat Hakovesh
tisdag 27 juni 2000 - Ramat HaKovesh, Centrala distriktet, Israel

So we managed to travel to Ramat Hakovesh safe and sound, a smaller Kibbutz than the previous one. Ramat Hakovesh is a kibbutz in central Israel and has a population of only 614 and having a mere of 18 Volunteers. But as in Kfar Giladi, the volunteers came from all over the world. Everywhere from

Going by Volvo in the Caribbean - Skipping the Porsche
måndag 27 augusti 2018 - Belize

Today did not go as planned for the Great One. No Blue Hole, am very bitter about it, sure, it was nice that I saved 330 USD by not going. But one of the main purposes was for me to go to the Blue hole.Anyway, I joined the two Canadians for some Breakfast and then decided to join them for some

A Day down the drain - The Greatest Diving my @$$
söndag 26 augusti 2018 - Belize

Still jet lagged, I woke up at 03:00 local time. It was hot and people still partying at the hostel. After a few hours I managed to fall back to sleep for an hour before going to Frenchies for the refresh dive I needed before going to the Blue Hole. Here is where things started to go south. The

More of Central America – Enter Belize
lördag 25 augusti 2018 - Belize

This day consisted of a 6 hour busride from Tulum, Mexico to Belize city. I just sat there in the bus and enjoyed the trip - Because it is times like these that are not just about the destination, it is also about the journey as much.Crossing the border to Belize was ok, you basically had to bribe

The Gem of Tulum
fredag 24 augusti 2018 - Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexiko

 Today the Great One took the bus from Cancun to Tulum. There I located my hostel - the Weary Traveller hostel - and got a whole room by myself. It is low-season due to hurricane season starting soon. So it is cheap too. I soon took off to the Tulum ruins by local bus. The entrance was like a

Quest Completed - The End of an Era is here...
torsdag 23 augusti 2018 - Chichén Itzá, Yucatán, Mexiko

For sure a day to remeber...For years I’ve been collecting the Wonders of the world.2000 – The Great Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt2005 – The Machu Picchu Incas in Peru2006 – Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil2009 – The Taj Mahal in Agra, India2012 – The Colosseum in

Off to the last wonder of the World
onsdag 22 augusti 2018 - Miami, Florida, USA

So, yet again the Great One is on the move. Finally, I will go to Cancun in Mexico - to conquer my last Wonder of the World – Chichen Itza. They journey is then complete.I started off yesterday with taking the train to Uppsala, and then the bus to Arlanda, totally unaware of what was about to

Celebrating One year as married
söndag 12 november 2017 - Rom, Lazio, Italien

Dagen började med att vi sov ut (jämfört med gårdagen). Vaknade ca 07:20 Men lyckades ta oss ned till frukosten inte förrän 08:30. Efter det postade jag mina vykort (till Mor & far, Adam, Natanya och mig). Därefter påbörjade vi en sightseeing runda runt centrala Rom med start vid

Pompus Pompeii
lördag 11 november 2017 - Pompeii, Kampanien, Italien

Idag åkte vi till Pompeii. Vi gick upp 05:30 och tog ett tre timmars tåg vid 06:56 till Neapel. Där tog vi en överfull tunnelbana ut till Pompeii och utgrävningarna. Käkade lite mat på ett fik och gick sedan in. ”Blown Away” var nog det första jag kände. Helt otroligt ställe,

The Return to Egypt  - 20 years later

The Return to Egypt - 20 years later

3 januari 2020 - 8 januari 2020

A shorter trip to Egypt (Via Russia) along with my dear mum, beloved son and better half to see the pyramids.

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2019 The Castlevania Adventure - Berkajr´s Quest

2019 The Castlevania Adventure - Berkajr´s Quest

4 juni 2019 - 9 juni 2019

Off to Romania a hunt for a certain mr Tepes. 28 years in the making... Bringing family

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Off to the Last Wonder of the World and the Greatest Diving

Off to the Last Wonder of the World and the Greatest Diving

21 augusti 2018 - 30 augusti 2018

Once more the Great One puts his back pack on. This time the mission is to complete the task of seeing Wonders of the World... Only one left... Chichen Itza. So to Mexico I go. And since I am here and I want to Scubadive at the Blue Hole, I'll do a qucikie in Belize as well

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2017 Rome III - The Honeymoon Adventure

2017 Rome III - The Honeymoon Adventure

9 november 2017 - 13 november 2017

För att fira årsdagen av vårt bröllop tog jag med mig frun och sonen till Rom och Pompeii för lite äventyr. För tredje året i rad fick dom se ännu ett av världens "sju nya underverk". För mig blev det tredje och förmodligen sista gången jag såg Kolosseum.

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Australia - Home coming 2016/2017

Australia - Home coming 2016/2017

18 december 2016 - 31 januari 2017

Five and a half years in the making. The Great one finally goes visiting his In-laws Down Under with his family

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A Grounded trip To Denmark 2016

A Grounded trip To Denmark 2016

7 maj 2016 - 13 maj 2016

As a continuation of the latest London trip. The Great One travels to Denmark to study Grounded Theory

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A Grounded trip To London 2016

A Grounded trip To London 2016

28 april 2016 - 2 maj 2016

I finally return to my favorite town in the world - London, with almost four years in the making since last visit. This time is a first of its kind, since I was sent to London to participate in a course by my work as a Ph.D candidate, to master the Methodology of Grounded Theory Not that he complained....

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The Torsk På Tallinn Project 2016

The Torsk På Tallinn Project 2016

28 februari 2016 - 3 mars 2016

Another trip across the Baltic sea. to Estonia with Adam, Nat and Jess exploring Tallinn for a few days and the Estonian way of life.

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The Jordanian/Israeli Combo 2015

The Jordanian/Israeli Combo 2015

29 september 2015 - 15 oktober 2015

After 15 years in the making, the Great One finally gets to Jordan and one of the new 7 Wonders of the World - Petra. After declining to go ther in the summer of 2000 in favor for other destinations with his ex partner, now is the time to add a new wonder to his CV. But that is not all. A return to the Holy land visiting Eliat, Jerusalem (again), Tel Aviv (again) and Netanya will occur. Perhaps also a trip back to his old Kibbutz roots will take place as well. The trip will conclude with a 10 hour stop over in Istanbul, seeing the Blue Mosque as an extra perk for the trip. This time, there is no Sue, this time there is are even greater forces in the shape of an awesome Aussie named Tarni and a little Vegimite Swaussie named Adam... The Family of the Great One

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The Itallian Conference 2015

The Itallian Conference 2015

15 september 2015 - 22 september 2015

To Verona in Italy the great one will go. To attend a business conference and even present his own research. But it just doesn't stop there. A short stop over in both San Marino and Rome will be done as well.

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