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the square that never sleeps
onsdag 26 september 2018 - Marrakech, Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz, Marocko

After the charming, cool atmosphere of Essaouira, Marrakech was noisy, busy, hot and the hotel rooms didn’t have AC or even a fan. I’ve never seen a bathroom where you had to walk through the shower to get to the toilet! It was a small comfort that the public areas were some of the most

spa by the sea
måndag 24 september 2018 - Essaouira, Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz, Marocko

Essaouira, a fortified town on the Atlantic coast, was literally a breath of fresh air as the temperature was downright pleasant with a cool breeze sweeping through the labyrinthine medina, not to mention a fantastic sandy beach. After a week traversing the desert everybody enjoyed some free time

goat tree oil
lördag 22 september 2018 - Aït Ben Haddou, Souss-Massa-Draâ, Marocko

Ait Benhaddou is a ksar or fortified village on the former caravan route between the Sahara and Marrakech, in between the Atlas ranges. It’s dubbed the Hollywood of Morocco as quite a number of blockbuster movies like “Alexander”, “The Mummy”, “The Gladiator” and the Bond movie “The

bumpy ride
torsdag 20 september 2018 - Merzouga, Meknès-Tafilalet, Marocko

In addition to the Rif mountains in the north, the Atlas ranges transverse the country, divided into the Middle Atlas, the High Atlas and the Anti-Atlas. It is one of the highest mountain range in Africa, separating the Sahara from the coastal region. The mountain slopes and valleys are inhabited

a souk for all senses
tisdag 18 september 2018 - Fès, Fès-Boulemane, Marocko

Fez is situated at the crossroads of all the important routes in the country and served as the capital for centuries until 1927, evidenced by an imposing royal palace area. The hat of the same name, a short, red cylinder with a black tassel attached to the top, originated in Fez but became famous

what remains of a glorious past
söndag 16 september 2018 - Moulay Idriss Zerhoun, Meknès-Tafilalet, Marocko

For some reason, I never imagined Morocco as a land of agriculture, but the truth is that about 30% of the area is farmland with very fertile, black soil. Yellow melons scattered like Easter eggs over field after field and hay stacks the size of barns whizzed past as we hurried towards the site of

blue mountains
lördag 15 september 2018 - Chefchaouen, Tanger-Tétouan, Marocko

Chefchaouen lies high up in the Rif mountains and the reason for its nickname “the blue city” was apparent even from afar. Buildings are mostly painted white but doorframes, window sills and doors are more often than not the most vivid of blue. Streets often have signs in both Arabic and

guarding both dead and living
fredag 14 september 2018 - Rabat, Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaēr, Marocko

The history of Morocco, starting from 788 AD, could be summed up as “a number of dynasties, each lasting just over a century” until the current Alaouite dynasty started its rule in 1638. Morocco of today, however, became independent in 1956 after having been a protectorate of France and Spain

over the sea
lördag 2 juni 2018 - Butrint, Albanien

 For a country no more than 340 kilometres long, Albania has a pristine and mostly undeveloped coastline along both the Adriatic and the Ionian seas. The Llogara Pass, at an elevation of more than 1000 metres, is the watershed between them and gives travellers an uninterrupted view of sea mingling

drab vs vibrant
måndag 28 maj 2018 - Tirana, Tirana County, Albanien

 The centre of Tirana is easily explored on foot and its heart is the Skanderbeg Square. Gjergj Kastrioti was born in 1405 and taken from his family at a young age, raised at the Ottoman court and became a prominent military commander, which earned him the honorific Iskender Beg, “Lord

Central America - between continents and oceans

Central America - between continents and oceans

9 januari 2019 - 14 februari 2019

A dream journey through eight countries nestled between North and South America as well as the Caribbean and the Pacific.

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Multi-faceted Morocco

Multi-faceted Morocco

13 september 2018 - 27 september 2018

Colourful, monochrome, abundant, arid - Morocco is everything!

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Kosovo and Albania, siblings separated

Kosovo and Albania, siblings separated

23 maj 2018 - 3 juni 2018

The newest country in Europe and the most unknown await exploration!

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Istanbul - Where East(er) meets West

Istanbul - Where East(er) meets West

29 mars 2018 - 3 april 2018

Easter in the apex of the Classic World.

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Cape Verde - a piece of Africa in the Atlantic

Cape Verde - a piece of Africa in the Atlantic

24 januari 2018 - 31 januari 2018

A week in the sun mid-Winter!

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Advent in the Austrian Alps

Advent in the Austrian Alps

2 december 2017 - 6 december 2017

To start off the festive season: Xmas markets in the Tyrol!

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Israel - the Ancient and Holy

Israel - the Ancient and Holy

10 maj 2017 - 21 maj 2017

Finally walking the Holy Land.

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9 oktober 2016 - 16 oktober 2016

My mother's anniversary under the Mediterranean sun

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Fáilte go hÉirinn - the Emerald Island beckons

Fáilte go hÉirinn - the Emerald Island beckons

14 september 2016 - 20 september 2016

A close-by green land, but still a bit different, a bit more scenic, a bit more rural; welcome to Ireland!

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East Europe Expedition

East Europe Expedition

16 juni 2016 - 9 juli 2016

From the Baltic via the Black to the Mediterranean Sea - the Eastern fringe of Europe awaits!

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