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Sabbatsår från studierna för att göra det jag gör bäst: längta efter fler resor, mer sol, billigare mat, finare stränder och ultimatare äventyr.
Ålder : 37
hemstad Stortorget 9, Lund, Skåne län, Sverige
Senast aktiv - från Stortorget 9, Lund, Skåne län, Sverige
The Funeral
söndag 25 december 2005 - Stortorget 9, Lund, Skåne län, Sverige

Kära Vänner Först vill jag, Mattias syster och mina föräldrar, tacka för all omtanke ni visat oss. Begravningen kommer att äga rum den 3 januari kl 13.00 i Bosjökloster kyrka. Efteråt blir det en minnestund. Alla som vill vara med är välkomna. Ring och anmäl er till begravningsbyrån

To all friends in the world
onsdag 14 december 2005 - Fortuna, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

(this message will follow in english) Kära Vänner till Mattias. Jag, Mattias syster och vår familj, har nåtts av ett tungt besked i natt. Vår Älskade Mattias har omkommit i Costa Rica. Han hoppade från ett vattenfall men klarade inte sig i den starka strömmen… Detta hände 20051212 kl

Salt and wind in the hair
måndag 28 november 2005 - NIC-72, Rivas, Rivas, Nicaragua

(Well, maybe they all could wish for some scandinavian/canadian girls...) They say its 27:th of november now. Plan A was to get to Costa Rica october 25:th Plan B, after I changed the airticket, was around 25:th of november, so I could spend three weeks there Plan C, is now beginning of

13 buses, 0 tourists, 4 countries and 1 exploaded
lördag 19 november 2005 - Granada, Nicaragua

You want some hard travels - I gonna show you some rough travels! Hey, Nothing extraordinary have happen since I made the shirt in Antigua but things have happen fast. I may refer this week to the lonely week. The Solo Aventura 05-06 (And yes it means that I will stay out to the otehr side of next

La bomba
torsdag 10 november 2005 - Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala

Hey, What r you reckon about my new T-shirt!? And I also change the name of this trip, cool hugh? Mattias - mas calidad - still in Guatemala

No monkey biznizz
tisdag 8 november 2005 - Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala

In the meantime this trip turned two months the other day. Congratulations!! I want to dar my gracias (give my thanks) to all of you that read and comment and email me during this trip. It do means a lot. After all I am a lonley warrior out here even if it seems like I enjoy myself a lot which I

Peligroso cerca perfecto

Dangerously close to perfect Picture a place outside a little village of 15 houses, pretty much made of palmtrees, 2 hours into the countryside on a unpaved road in Guatemala. What if there was this big house next to a couple of small waterfalls. What if a strange experienced american guy living

Like I´ve ever been a birdwatcher...
fredag 28 oktober 2005 - Green Bay Hotel Hotel, Livingston, Guatemala

Buenos. After two terrible (travelwise that is, not literally) weeks in Honduras with hurricanes, empty resturants and dissapointing riuns, im now on the go again, back home in good ol´ Guatemala!! Finally this trip after 50 days starts to look like a trip: x meeting new people and the same

HURRICANEextra numero dos
fredag 21 oktober 2005 - Utila, Bahíaöarna, Honduras

Havnt you been worried yet so this is the time... But you can relax now. Everything seems to be fine. ....Matt waited almost a week in safe Antigua for the next hurrricane. It didnt come. He thought that there was to be no one. So Matt decided to go to Honduras, an island on the caribeean coast

Nada es para siempre
måndag 17 oktober 2005 - San Pedro Sula, Cortés Department, Honduras

For those of you who think this is some sort of a sun and fun getaway on a island in the sun - I can tell you that today on the 43:d day I saw the ocean for the first time... Ive left Antigua for this time. Had a wonderful last week with some sun, a fair deal of finllin´up those sandbags,

Solo Aventura 05-06!

Solo Aventura 05-06!

5 september 2005 - 23 december 2005

Challengeing is learning!

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Campuchea: Cheap (p)rice

Campuchea: Cheap (p)rice

1 september 2004 - 10 oktober 2004

Returning to the beloved SouthEast Asia on a free ticket - I won the return flight to Bangkok!! This trip will in a couple of ways be different to my earlier worldtravels: First of all I go alone. I go to places where I´ve been before which means that I know what to expect and I don´t have to do all the "must do things" I´ve already done. This time I´m planning to stay a little bit longer (than the usual 3 days....) at places I like. Although 6 weeks is far to little of course... Its gonna be exiting to see what mistakes and blunders I can do this time, when Im alone. The itenary at this point is set to Bangkok, Cambodia and maybe some of the islands in Thailand. The details is written in the future but I think I can already now promise you some surprises! Dont be shy!!

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1 oktober 2002 - 1 juni 2003

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Downunder Asia 02-03

Downunder Asia 02-03

21 oktober 2002 - 25 februari 2003

Det hela började egentligen på ett hostel vid Hyde Park en improviserad långhelg i London våren 2001... Via en jordenruntresa och en tripp till Paris står vi nu här. Vi två grabbar, Jimmy och Mattias, kommer att besöka följande länder (förhoppningsvis) i tur och ordning: Kambodja, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australien och Nya Zeeland. På vägen hem stannar vi återigen till i Bali, Singapore, Malaysia och eventuellt Thailand. Syftet med resan är att känna på det lite vilda, främmande och okända sydostasien samtidigt som vi lever det goda livet med fin, billig mat, sol och bad och en del partaj. Vi återvänder till Australien och NZ dels för att besöka vänner och dels för att vi tycker om länderna och folket så mycket... Vi Vågar Vägra Vinter!

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