more Beijing
onsdag 2 maj 2007 - Peking, Kina

30th April Started the day by visiting the Temple of heaven which was built for the emperors to worship Heaven. In the centre of the building there us a gigantic Altar of prayer. On my way back to the hotel I stopped by a next door clothing market to have a quick look. I always took for granted

fredag 27 april 2007 - Peking, Kina

27th April Beijing is the capital in China and one of the largest cities with over 14 millions people. Spitting is more common here compared to Shanghai and HK, it is also not considered rude so no point in taking offence. Decided to walk to Tian’an Men Square, in the centre of Beijing, with

Adios Shanghai
fredag 27 april 2007 - Peking, Kina

25th April Today is a resting day. In the afternoon I make my way to a clothing market on the busy Nanjing road. It is a department store flooded with imitations (all major brands are represented). Prices are not marked, and the opening price is always way too high, so you have to bargain. I found

temples and ATM trouble...
onsdag 25 april 2007 - Shanghai, Kina

24th April Today has been devoted to religious attractions; Buddhism temples. First on the list is the Jing’an temple located in the heart of the city south of the Yangtze river. Unfortunately, the temple was under renovation so many religious objects had been moved into a concrete bunker. I

Charm of Shanghai
måndag 23 april 2007 - Shanghai, Kina

22nd April It’s pouring down today so the three of us (Tomek, Irena and I) decide to just relax and talk about old times in Sweden. They have both been in Shanghai for over 2 years; Tomek represents a Swedish tool company and Irena teaches English as a foreign language. Later on we decided to

söndag 22 april 2007 - Shanghai, Kina

21th April Tomek (old university pal from Sweden) meets me at Pudong airport in Shaghai. Shanghai, which means “above the sea”, is a really dynamic city with a population of more than 13 millions and the front of business and fashion. Investments are still poured in to the city which is

last days in Hong Kong
fredag 20 april 2007 - Hongkong, Hongkong

20th April Sleep-in (feet are killing me…) Due to a major exhibition in HK I couldn’t extend my hotel stay and had to leave and look for another place to stay. I get on the MTR and get off at the Causeway Bay, were Kathleen (originally from Belgium but had been teaching in Beijing for 9

trip to Macau
torsdag 19 april 2007 - Hongkong, Hongkong

19th April Just one hour by ferry from HK, I thought the island of Macau would be perfect for a day trip. Macau remained under portuguese rule until 1999 when it was handed back to China. Macau is also well-known for it serious gambling and excellent regional food e.g. bacalhau (dried and salted

Flight London - Hong kong
onsdag 18 april 2007 - Hongkong, Hongkong

17th April (london - UK) Spent majority of today cleaning, packing, laundry etc. etc. before finally making my way to Victoria station and jumping on the train to Gatwick airport. 18th April (Hong kong - China) Finally, it is 3 pm local time and after a gignatic u-turn on the south china sea

Back to Antigua
torsdag 6 maj 2004 - Guatemala City, Guatemala

5th Started the day with a big & long breakfast before getting on the chicken bus heading to Antigua via Chimaltenango - t's a long trip but its great to be back in a city you know. Finally here and starving - had a nice tacos dinner in the evening. 6th Visited the church of San francisco and it's



17 april 2007 - 3 maj 2007

China in 2 weeks

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Central America

Central America

15 april 2004 - 8 maj 2004

Miami - Guatemala - Honduras

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