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Ludvig och Greger ska bort. Till en världsdel nära ekvatorn. Vi sa till våra mammor att vi skulle ta en sväng med bilen. och nu är vi här, på väg till Afrika. detta mina vänner är början på två oskyldiga pojkars äventyr.
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hemstad Strängnäs, Södermanlands län, Sverige
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this is the end
lördag 25 mars 2006 - Strängnäs, Södermanlands län, Sverige

We are finally in Sweden. We arrived the 23 of mars, so cold. We left from +40 and came to –16. So to get the tickets took some time, we got them from our Swedish friend, he helped us a lot, got the tickets for half price. The journey from Bamako to Casa, Casa to Amsterdam and Amsterdam to

lördag 18 mars 2006 - Bamako, Bamako District, Mali

I’m sitting in t-shirt and shorts, its so hot here, maybe 35 °. We miss the snow I guess. Finely we sold the car, 2000 € down in the pocket. Feels so good, didn’t really believe that we were going to sell the car for this price. Now we just take it easy, maybe buy a ticket to South Africa,

söndag 12 mars 2006 - Bamako, Bamako District, Mali

So, now we are in Bamako again, after a big adventure. We were close to the cost to 4 of mars. There we spent a lot of time with some really interesting people. Then greger got some malaria and worms in the same day, so we went to the hospital at konongo. Then heading up to Mali, here we will try

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fredag 24 februari 2006 - Accra, Större Accra, Ghana

hello, here you can see some pictures frome ghana. and our new black car. by the way, in takarade we were in ghana tv and radio, about our trip. so we are stars now in ghana, everybody looking at us on the street,. so hard to be a star in ghana. ludvig was crying yesterday,. enjoy the pictures

måndag 20 februari 2006 - Accra, Större Accra, Ghana

Hello We left the Germans in Cape Coast and we went along the West Coast where we met Pastor Wallis. He was living with his nine kids in a bamboo house by the beach. He and his family are refugee running from war in Liberia. We had a really good time with him playing Bob Marley on our

söndag 5 februari 2006 - Cape Coast, Centrala regionen, Ghana

Hello Now we have come to Ghana in cape coast. We had some problem to get in to Ghana with the Ghana costumes. They told us that there were no way we could get our car in, with out a carne. And we sad that, we aren’t going back. So we slept out side the costumers house on the border. Next day

fredag 27 januari 2006 - Ouagadougou, Centre, Burkina Faso

here are some pictures that we couldnt upload before. we also loaded up some pictures from the previous diary(hello sweeden).

hello sweden
onsdag 25 januari 2006 - Ouagadougou, Centre, Burkina Faso

Oagadogo is a nice city, the people, music and the food. We are now going to get the visa to Ghana and then go. There we will have the rainforest and the beach. A fried told us yesterday that there was three cars missing on the same road that we took, in Mauritania. I think we saw one of the cars

söndag 22 januari 2006 - Ouagadougou, Centre, Burkina Faso

a story, not in english traffade en spanior igar som hade blivit ranad nar han korde fran burkina till benin, dom stoppade honom pa vagen genom att skuta med kapister mot bilen. domù blev av med pass och pengar, och nu har dom vantat tva veckor i burkina for nya pass. ganska laskigt, eftersom vi

meeting with a monkey
torsdag 19 januari 2006 - Bobo-Dioulasso, Hauts-Bassins, Burkina Faso

hello we know, there is a lot of bad spelling, but we dont care, we are in africa. here we are in burkina faso, in bobo. we have been staying in bamako for one week, having a realy good time there. spended the 10 of jan with a black swedish guy. the 10 is a big muslim day, when all the familes



3 april 2010 - 8 november 2011


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2000 mil i en 80-tals bil

2000 mil i en 80-tals bil

13 maj 2007 - 14 augusti 2007

Vi ska åka ford transit till Indien helt enkelt... om det går? Pga Turkisk byråkrati tvingades vı sälja bılen i Bulgarien, resterande bit åker vı kollektivt.

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från sverige till sydafrika med bil

från sverige till sydafrika med bil

26 september 2005 - 7 april 2006

genom europa plus afrika med bil.

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