Allmost over.
torsdag 17 augusti 2006 - Osaka, Osaka prefektur, Japan

Not so many days left here for me now, but it feels like i have enjoyed this trip to the fullest with no regrets, feels better starting school knowing you didn't waste your summer. Anyway it's been a while since i wrote here and that's mainly because i've been to Aoi's grandma in the mountains for

The PL
onsdag 2 augusti 2006 - Osaka, Osaka prefektur, Japan

Ok so now i have been to the worlds biggest annual fireworks display for the second time, i think some of the pictures turned out quite well, but mostly it was to bright to get any nice lines in the picture. the pictures are taken from a mountain 4 - 5km from the shotting point, the tower you can

It`s been a while.
torsdag 27 juli 2006 - Osaka, Osaka prefektur, Japan

It`s been a while so i can`t even remember what i have been up to lately, but i have been hanging around in Osaka most the time waiting for aochan to finish school. Went to a friends school festival which was a fashion school so i got to see many weird people and faces, guys into fashion really is

måndag 17 juli 2006 - Osaka, Osaka prefektur, Japan

I went to kobe yesterday together with aochan and her friend and a friend to me and his girlfriend to look around chinatown and other things, had a great time. Yet another time i got to see a great example of japanese service, we went to see pirates of the caribbean 2 and came there like really

This weeks update.
lördag 8 juli 2006 - Osaka, Osaka prefektur, Japan

Haven`t done so much this week, i have been to some "camera forbidden" museums together with Michan "the grandma". and done some traveling with the bike, did a 9hour tour around Nara, i think i know this place better than anywhere else right now. Haven`t really taken any photos worth showing, have

Some stories and pics from this weekend.
söndag 2 juli 2006 - Osaka, Osaka prefektur, Japan

I have been quite busy lately, so busy that i can`t even recal what i`ve been up to lately, hmm i wonder if that`s the real reason (^_^;), here are some things that i still remember. I went on a bar tour together with aoi`s dad and his friend, from 06:00 in the evning until 05:00 in morning, slept

Todaiji koen bilder.
tisdag 27 juni 2006 - Osaka, Osaka prefektur, Japan

Tog mig en liten tur upp till nara city och tog lite bilder fraon todaiji. Tyvaerr sao komprimerar den haer sidan ner bilder sao mycket sao att kontrasten och detaljerna i bilderna blir skit, men det gaor saekert att kolla pao aendao.

lördag 24 juni 2006 - Osaka, Osaka prefektur, Japan

*Bilder som aer tagna pao stoerre ytor ser vaeldigt daoliga ut efter att ha laddat upp dom haer.

Newly invested DSLR Camera
fredag 23 juni 2006 - Osaka, Osaka prefektur, Japan

Me and my dear father have bought ourselves a new and totally great camera,, It`s a pentax IST DS haven`t really mastered it but it still takes great pictures, even if i don`t take them as RAW files they still look great and that`s even greater (^_^). At first i got a shock when i took the first

Hanshin Tigers
måndag 19 juni 2006 - Osaka, Osaka prefektur, Japan

Today my face was showned infront of more people than any person in swedish tv have ever been, my face was filmed for about 4 seconds in a professional baseball match, really cool.. gonna try and see if i can get a tape of the game :P *im kinda proud* hehe. **Something is wrong with the site today



3 april 2007 - 4 april 2007

I'll write later.

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Japan 07/07/02 - 07/08/06

Japan 07/07/02 - 07/08/06

2 juli 2007 - 6 augusti 2007

Min första resa till Japan

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Paris 07/03/09 - 07/03/11

Paris 07/03/09 - 07/03/11

9 mars 2007 - 11 mars 2007

Im just adding some short trips for my own sake so i can remember when and where i have been hehe. So i went to paris with Aoi while she was staying here in sweden. She was here in sweden for 2 whole months so it would be quite boring just to stay at home in my small village especially around this time of the year. anyway, we arrived in paris early in the morning so we had that whole day on us to look around. this was the first time aoi was in paris but the second for me, she still turned out to be the best one to guide us in the subway system though, i guess citygirls have some good points aswell hehe :P. We went there with ryanair so it traveling costs wasn't that big, but we did check in to a really nice hotel 4stars, so i was kinda proud of myself even though aoi's first comment about the room was "oh i've never been in such a small hotel room before" but thats ok i guess our living standards may be a bit different. I will put up some pics in a moment.

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Japan 06/06/08 - 06/08/25

Japan 06/06/08 - 06/08/25

8 juni 2006 - 25 augusti 2006

Hi everyone, I just understood that 90% of the people that read this doesn't understand swedish, so i just came to the conclusion that it would be better if it was written in english, so sorry about the past, i'll try to write in english from now on. anyway, as many of you know i'm going to japan again this summer, a well deserved one i would say. It has been a tough year, and many things have totally ********. For example my hard earned travel money, just vanished in a day, and to live without my gf for allmost a year has been like torture, but thank god for webcams. though Soon i don't have to endure this anymore, soon i will go back to paradise once again, "just as broke as last time" (T_T).. but i couldn't be more happy, this will probably be the best summer in my life, and i hope everyone can read about it here, if i see that the interest is there, i will write as much as i can.

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Japan 05/06/15 - 05/08/15

Japan 05/06/15 - 05/08/15

15 juni 2005 - 15 augusti 2005

Under sommaren var jag tillbaks till japan i 2 månader, och bodde med min flickvän och hennes familj. Jag måste säga att dessa 2 månader är en så länge de 2 bästa i mitt liv, förlovade mig också med min flickvän Aoi, som jag har seriösa tankar på att gifta mig med i framtiden, nu är jag dock tbx i sverige och går andra året på gymnasiet, och att klara mig utan Aoi har varit hårt, nu är det dock sommar snart igen och dags för en tur till japan igen. :)

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Japan 04/03/10 - 05/01/10

Japan 04/03/10 - 05/01/10

10 mars 2004 - 10 januari 2005

15 Mars åker jag iväg till Japan med YFU (Youth for understanding). Jag kommer gå på ett vanligt high school i Nara som heter koriyama high school där kommer jag förmodligen läsa vanliga teoretiska och praktiska ämnen. Jag kommer att bo med en vanlig japansk familj som tar i mot mig som jag vore en i familjen, *Hoppas jag*. Mitt mål med resan är att lära mig så mycket som möjligt av det japanska språket och dess kultur, och sen så ska det såklart bli roligt att träffa landets speciella människor.[b][/b]

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