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torsdag 18 januari 2007 - Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

Fortfarande i Cartagena, nu vindsurfar vi också (i 25m/s). På söndag börjar del II av semstern, då vi drar till San Andrés, en ö utför Nicaragua (men som tillhör Colombia). Här kommer några fler bilder från vår ansträngande tillvaro.

Några bilder
tisdag 16 januari 2007 - Cartagena de Indias, Bolívar, Colombia

Vi mår bra, det är varmt, vi badar och surfar och pluggar spanska. Har laddat upp några bilder. Enjoy!

onsdag 12 maj 2004 - Guatemala City, Guatemala

Hello again! It was a hard decision leaving the Bay Islands, but I think all of us have plans to go back at some point later in life. It was really one of the highlights of this trip! I took some underwater pictures from the diving that I'll upload now to show you how I've been spending my time

Bay Islands

Hi! Enjoying the mentality of the Caribean coast..! We're on the Bay Islands, off the Honduran mainland. It's absolutely lovely here! I'm getting my diving cert., so it's alot of diving during the days, beach time, reggae, snorkeling... It's the most beautiful I've seen underwater, I've seen sting

Finally some pictures..!
torsdag 22 april 2004 - Granada, Andalusien, Spanien

Finally came to a place that was capable of reading from my memory card in the camera. Enjoy! /K.

torsdag 22 april 2004 - Granada, Andalusien, Spanien

After leaving San Jose (yes, I finally got my VISA card) we left for a village just outside Monte Verde in the mountains and rain forest of Costa Rica. It was beautiful and we stayed at a really nice hostel with friendly people. We tried 'air walk' and 'air trek' which allowed you to see the forset

Costa Rica
söndag 11 april 2004 - San José, San Pedro, Costa Rica

After arriving to San Jose last Tuesday, we stayed one night in a shoebox room, with the fancy name Gran Hotel Imperial. There was absolutely nothing imperial about it..! Then, because everything would close down for easter and I needed to stay in Costa Rica to await my new VISA-card, we took a bus

Football and tango

Enjoying the big city life, it´s really a great city! It remindes a lot of Paris in some ways, mostly architecture and atmosphere. Just nice to sit down at an outdoor cafe enjoying a cafe con leche or a freshly pressed juice... First it took a lot of time finding the ticket up to Costa Rica in

Trekking, glaciers and orcas

After Bariloche (the last entry), we took a bus to Puerto Madryn on the coast. The main attraction for me there was to visit a national park, Peninsula Valdez to see the animals. There were sea lions, sea eliphants, penguins, amarillos and orcas (späckhuggare). The orcas are quite rare this


Yeah, we rented bikes... We got some path advise for a scenic rout along the lakes, and stupidly, we thought along the lakes meant quite flat because the route was some 63 km that was good. Nono it was really hilly and we defenatly put too much on ourselves... We were so exhausted as we returned to



3 januari 2007 - 3 februari 2007

Karin och Mirsada har semester och pluggar spanska i Colombia.

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Special K

Special K

3 mars 2004 - 1 juni 2004

Chile-Argentina//Costa Rica-Nicaragua-Honduras-Guatemala-Mexico

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