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My very last post on Resdagboken
söndag 27 maj 2012 - Christchurch, Canterbury, Nya Zeeland

Hi everyone! Resdagboken is being shut down June 15 so this will be my very last post. I'll take all your e-mail addresses and e-mail you from now on when I'm putting up a new photo/video slideshow for you:) All is well with us. Autumn is here, Will turned 1, time just flies away... Enjoy the

Camping trip to Marlborough Sounds
söndag 18 mars 2012 - Christchurch, Canterbury, Nya Zeeland

Hello there! We just came back from our camping trip to Marlborough Sounds. It was great!! Bought a new tent a while back and this was the first time we got to use it. Drove up from Christchurch to Momorangi Bay Camp on Wednesday, spent 3 nights here. Will was very good in the car :) Thursday we

Where are the photos?!
söndag 11 mars 2012 - Christchurch, Canterbury, Nya Zeeland

Hi everyone OK...people have been complaining about the lack of photos...which means that people don't read instructions :) PAY ATTENTION!! ********************************** ********************************** That's a link that you can't click on. So what you need

Will is crawling!!
tisdag 6 mars 2012 - Christchurch, Canterbury, Nya Zeeland

Hi everyone! Will is crawling!! Yay!! Very excited for him :) He needs a bit of encouragement though, like a toy, food or a shiny door where he can look at himself. He hasn't figured out yet that he can actually go exploring for real. Went to Plunket today for his check up. Around 10.7kg and 74cm

Relaxing at home and visiting Wellington
tisdag 28 februari 2012 - Christchurch, Canterbury, Nya Zeeland

Hi everyone! Definitely time for an update. I will do my very best to make those a bit more regular. I'm very excited because I've learned to use a program called Windows Live Movie Maker. So this is where I put together all the photos and videos for you to enjoy :) Well, life has been a bit

Our Christmas Holiday
tisdag 21 februari 2012 - Christchurch, Canterbury, Nya Zeeland

Hi everyone A bit of a late update this one...but better late than never :) Sweden was great. Nice to get a "proper" Christmas even though we didn't really have any snow. It was still dark and a bit cold. Saw quite a few friends and family as well which was nice. Decided to put together a whole

Summer time in Kiwiland
onsdag 30 november 2011 - Christchurch, Canterbury, Nya Zeeland

Hello all! Another 2 months has passed… Summer is here! Loving it!! Nice and sunny today, but the wind is strong and cold, so can’t really enjoy it that much. Preparing for our trip to Sweden, departing a week from now. Looking forward to it a lot. It’s going to be so nice to have a Swedish

Snow, Rugby and Baby
fredag 23 september 2011 - Christchurch, Canterbury, Nya Zeeland

Kia Ora! Sorry about the delay here in another update. Nothing much has happened, but still been busy. Rugby World Cup has started and New Zealand is hosting it, so lots happening down here. Unfortunately there’s not a lot going on in Christchurch. We can’t host any games due to the

Long weekend in Wellington and other things
lördag 30 juli 2011 - Christchurch, Canterbury, Nya Zeeland

Well hello everyone! Finally an update. People have complained about the lack of photos so here you go  Lots have happened since last time I wrote. Will has grown a lot, he’s smiling and talking every day. Love his dimples!! He enjoys being with mum dancing and singing, dad won’t do those

1 month old baby
fredag 10 juni 2011 - Christchurch, Canterbury, Nya Zeeland

Time does fly. Thinking back at being at the hospital it feels both like yesterday and ages ago. Will is now just over a month old. Apart from taking ages to feed (about 1 hr each time) he's a very good boy. The other night he slept for almost 7 hrs. He doesn't cry a lot and when he does a boob

Family life in New Zealand

Family life in New Zealand

7 januari 2012 - 21 februari 2015

Here we'll keep you updated on what we're doing in our lives

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My Winter Wonderland

My Winter Wonderland

7 december 2011 - 6 januari 2012

Going home to see friends, family and celebrate Christmas in Sweden

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The Swewi in Christchurch

The Swewi in Christchurch

13 juli 2010 - 6 december 2011

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Getting married in NZ

Getting married in NZ

11 januari 2010 - 9 maj 2010

Back in Christchurch again. Working, planning a wedding and then getting married, how exciting!!

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10 maj 2010 - 12 juli 2010

Time to go on our honeymoon to the US and then get married again in Sweden. I'll take my sister on a little Interail trip to Amsterdam and Paris and then stop in Hong Kong on the way back. How exciting!!

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Road trip Sydney - Melbourne

Road trip Sydney - Melbourne

28 december 2009 - 10 januari 2010

Going to OZ with mum and Bertil. First off to Blue Mountains, then New Years in Sydney and then a road trip to Melbourne along the coast.

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2 augusti 2009 - 27 december 2009

Life in Christchurch

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Cruise, Singapore, Bali & Lombok

Cruise, Singapore, Bali & Lombok

11 juli 2009 - 1 augusti 2009

Finally time for a long holiday again! Meeting up with mum in Singapore to go on a 3 night cruise, then Tim is coming to spend 3 nights in Singapore with us and then we're all meeting up with Bertil to explore Bali and Lombok.

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Life on the South Island

Life on the South Island

25 juli 2008 - 10 juli 2009

Due to Tim's work we're now living in Christchurch and it's going to be nice to explore the South Island together :o)

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Inca, beaches, family and friends

Inca, beaches, family and friends

29 april 2008 - 24 juli 2008

It's time to go back to South America and battle the Inca Trail, then onto Rio, Iguassu Falls, Montevideo, Colonia and Buenos Aires before I see my family and friends in Europe and Florida.

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