Day 2
lördag 2 juli 2011 - Florens, Toscana, Italien

Day 2. Today was a typically touristic day. We walked more kilometers than I can count. We began the day by waking into town, since it seemed relatively close... We saw the Campanile di Giotto, which is the belltower of the famous duomo of Florence. We had to walk 414 steps to reach the top, but

Day 1, arrival in Florence
måndag 27 juni 2011 - Florens, Toscana, Italien

We made our way to the hotel, took a shower and headed out to the city. The kind girl at the hotel gave us many tips, including that tonight there is a notte bianca in one part of town (stores, restaurants, open until like 2 am, some shows, musicians etc). Of course that's where we went. First we

2 dagar på TUR-mässan
lördag 2 april 2011 - Göteborg, Västra Götalands län, Sverige

TUR-mässan 2011 gick av stapeln 24-27 mars och vi studenter från Södertörns högskola fick närvara de senare två dagarna för att kunna delta i seminarier och lyssna på reseberättelser samt gå runt fritt på mässan och inspireras eller kanske till och med söka kontakter och arbete. Jag

Day 6
torsdag 26 augusti 2010 - Santa Teresa Gallura, Sardinien, Italien

Day 6. Yesterday I was really tired. We had decided to see if it was possible to climb over the rocks that you can see from the beach, to see the sunrise from there. Of course when we arrived to what we thought was the end o the island, and our final destination, we noticed that there was another

Day 5
onsdag 25 augusti 2010 - Santa Teresa Gallura, Sardinien, Italien

Today I don't have the energy to write anything... All thanks to Fabio who made us walk on and climb rocks for 3 hours... Need I say more? It was really fun though... and we ended up at a really beautiful place... I'll show you pictures :)

Day 4
tisdag 24 augusti 2010 - Santa Teresa Gallura, Sardinien, Italien

Day 4. Today Marghe went to the beach alone already a 8 o'clock, waking me up to ask if I wanted to come with. I noticed during the night thigh that I had burned my forehead a bit and so I decided it's better if I don't spend to much time in the sun today, so I stayed and fell asleep again. Woke up

Day 3
måndag 23 augusti 2010 - Santa Teresa Gallura, Sardinien, Italien

Day 3. Woke up quite early this morning, 8:30, and had some fun with the others woke up the guys by knocking one time really hard their door. Scared them nearly to death, but it was really fun! Then we were all running around the house, tickling eachother and having fun. After a while we had the

Day 2
söndag 22 augusti 2010 - Santa Teresa Gallura, Sardinien, Italien

Day 2. Around 8 o'clock I slowely started to wake up. It was wonderul... No alarmclock, no job to go to, no other responsibility, no one who expects me to be somewhere... You know, I just woke up and could enjoy solitude by whatchig the ceiling for a while before others started waking up. Marghe

Day 1
lördag 21 augusti 2010 - Santa Teresa Gallura, Sardinien, Italien

Day 1. After going to bed a bit after midnight, I had to get up at 3.00. Thank god I had put my radio alarm on too, cos I turned off the one on the phone automatically when I woke up... That could have ended badly :p my dad drowe me to the city central where I would take the airportcoach at 4:30.

Day number 3. Blue Grotto and Tempels
fredag 11 juni 2010 - Mdina, Malta

This morning we decided to go to Blue Grotto. There are some caves in the southern part of Malta where you can take a boatride into the caves and see them from the inside. Sounds really cool and everyone who has been there have said that it is absolutely amazing. So ofcourse we had to see them too!



8 september 2013 - 19 september 2013

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USA! New York, Washington DC, Niagara Falls

USA! New York, Washington DC, Niagara Falls

2 juni 2012 - 17 juni 2012

Äntligen, efter 25 års väntan, åker jag till USA! Tack älskling för att du gör så min dröm blir sann! :)

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Florens, Pisa

Florens, Pisa

26 juni 2011 - 27 juni 2011

5 days in Florence and 2 in Pisa with my sweetheart

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TUR-mässan i Göteborg

TUR-mässan i Göteborg

24 mars 2011 - 28 mars 2011

Åkte ner till Göteborg för att gå på årets TUR-mässa. För er som inte vet vad et är så är det Sveriges största rese- och turism mässa som går av stapeln en går per år på Svenska Mässan i Göteborg.

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21 augusti 2010 - 28 augusti 2010

A week in Sardegna with my Italian friends

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8 juni 2010 - 15 juni 2010

One week on Malta with my bf M :)

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Revisiting Poland

Revisiting Poland

30 maj 2010 - 6 juni 2010

After two long years (with a short exception 1,5 years ago) I am finally visiting friends and relatives in Poland... Used to being here 3 months each year, I feel like I havn't been here in a lifetime!

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Au Pair, Italy

Au Pair, Italy

29 juni 2009 - 14 augusti 2009

I will be working as an Au Pair in a little town called Inzago, east of Milan. My stay will last for around 6 weeks.

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Prague, Rome, Paris

Prague, Rome, Paris

30 juni 2006 - 18 juli 2006

(As usual I don't remember the exact date when we came back... but anyway...) After graduating from "gymnasiet" in Sweden a close friend of mine and I went away for almost 3 weeks. Backpacking around Europe... not by train, but by plane! Cos it was cheaper!! Visited Prague, Rome and Paris!

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10 juni 2008 - 15 juni 2008

Again, I don't remember the exact dates.. but it was something like this... We (me and me bf at the time) stayed at my aunts (whom I met for the very first time) for a few days...

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