söndag 11 juli 2010 - Omiš, Split-Dalmatiens län, Kroatien

We are now just relaxing for a week here at the wonderful coast of Croatia. After a week of travel Tina and Inger Lise are so happy just to be on our own private beach along with around 20 others. Marius wants more action. We will see what we can do. Tonight we have heard that the world cup final


The first weekend we spent in Germany was dominated by Germans 4-0 victory over Argentina. Together with friends of our hosts and good friends (Gesine, Yorck and Romy) we watched the game. Some of them just could not understand what they were watching... The athmosphere here in Sarajevo is very

Soon it is over...
söndag 26 juli 2009 - Kapstaden, Västra Kapprovinsen, Sydafrika

What an amazing part of the world!!! Swaziland and South Africa are amazing. Now we are also one of those who became forever great fans of going on a safari in Kruger national park. With its 20 000 km2. It is and awsome experience seeing all these animals. This morning we had the magnificant sight

Fear is temporary, Regret is forever
torsdag 16 juli 2009 - Kapstaden, Västra Kapprovinsen, Sydafrika

We all do very well, Internet machines are hard to find where we are now, so I have to wait to download more of the great pictures we have taken in this marvellous country. Robben Island, Cape Town, Cape point, homestay in a black township, baboons, penguins, whales, dolphins... Three days ago

Heelo from South Africa
fredag 10 juli 2009 - Kapstaden, Västra Kapprovinsen, Sydafrika

What a country! I knew this would be something. Having just returned from Robben Island. Now we are on our way to Table mountain. The days have been filled up with the very best travel memories fom Johannesburg, Soweto, wonderful train (27 hours) and great people of all kinds. We live in a black

Performance in Turkey
lördag 18 oktober 2008 - Alanya, Turkiet

As I expected, the week in Turkey turned out to be extremely challenging regarding the possibilities to finish the show in five days in spite of all the differences in language, culture and expectations. The concert last night was an experience that I might never have again. The theatre was over

That`s all Folks
onsdag 30 juli 2008 - New York, USA

The days in New York have come to the end. Thanks to our friend Leslie, the stay here has been just wonderful. She has shown us so many great places here and we are very thankful. American hospitality at its very best has been given to us. Her mother went on vacation the day we arrived. She offered

Adios Latin America
fredag 25 juli 2008 - Mexico City, Mexiko

¡Saludos de México! The capital is great! We have enjoyed our stay here very much. Marius returned happily from his host family this morning. They drove him almost 4 hours!!! one way to get him back to us. The city appears very clean and friendly. Going by metro costs only 20cent. Also the food

New plans
måndag 21 juli 2008 - Mexico City, Mexiko

Travelling is supposed to bring its guests surprises. To us Roatan turned out to be so beautiful that we just could not leave after just five days. Inger Lise, Marius and I decided to go through a full open diver course to get the licence to dive. The old ones did the same thing back in 1990 in

Bus stop. Five days in paradise
söndag 13 juli 2008 - Paradise Oceanic Hotel, Coxen Hole, Honduras

Thursday night Tina and Inger Lise came to Honduras to spend the last three weeks with us. It was lovely to be united again. We took a boat to a true Carribian island called Roatan. The boat ride was tough. Both Tina and I had to feed the fishes... On Tuesday is the return. But out here you find



2 juli 2010 - 19 juli 2010

Happy summer! One more time we are fortunate to have Tina (19) and Marius (17) together with us. Today we fly to Wiesbaden in Germany where we will spend the rest of the weekend. The rest on the tour will be enjoyed in ex-Jugoslavia. Do look forward to get news from us.

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London, South-Africa. Swaziland

London, South-Africa. Swaziland

4 juli 2009 - 29 juli 2009

Inger Lise, Arve, Tina, Marius, Marianne (friend of Tina) and Christopher (friend of Marius) will do a very exiting trip to an aerea non of us hav visited earlier.

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Musical in Turkey

Musical in Turkey

11 oktober 2008 - 25 mars 2009

My school is part of a big international project including 7 institution who have composed a musical based on the theme migration. The first performance takes place in Gazientep (Turkey), and the last one in Grimstad.

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Countries visited

Countries visited

1 januari 1985 - 1 januari 2008

Countries visited so far in my life

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19 juni 2008 - 30 juli 2008

Together with my son Marius (15) I will travel to a great number of countries this summer. The reason why is that Marius invited me to join him because he receives some money at his "Confirmation" April 08. This is a seremony in the church. Last summer he was in Quito in a summercamp organized by the peace organization CISV. This summer he will meet with people he met there from Lima, Bogotá, Quito and Mexico. At the end of the trip we will stay with an old friend of Arve living on Manhatten, New York.

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