Last days in Malawi
tisdag 12 februari 2008 - Lilongwe, Centrala regionen, Malawi

Hi guys, I'm right now spending my last days in Malawi, leaving this thursday! The time has been just too nice even though Malie left over a month ago. I've been busy working in Ludzi most of the time but have even been visiting an orphange to donate some toys and just play some fotball with the

A Great New Year 2008!
tisdag 1 januari 2008 - Lilongwe, Centrala regionen, Malawi

[b]Hi Folks![/b] We hope you have had a wonderful and relaxing holiday, spending the Christmas and the New Years Eve with your loved ones. We have spoiled ourselves with a weekend at one of the lodges here by the Lake Malawi – Nkopola Lodge. We have had a great trip, after a bit of traveling

Ilha de Mozambique and MERRY CHRISTMAS
lördag 22 december 2007 - Mozambique Island, Nampula, Moçambique

Finally we´ve gotten some sunshine after 3 weeks of rain, some actually every day. This island is like travelling back in time, to how probably the Mediterrainian countries looked like some 100 years ago. The island itself is not big but it has lots of nice buildings and the ocean view is so nice.

Beira - Mozambique
torsdag 20 december 2007 - Johannesburg, Gauteng, Sydafrika

Hi Guys, just a small note about where we are. We took the plane from Joburg to the second largest town in Mozambique - Beira and we've just spoiled ourselves with some nice seafood. Today Ingo ordered a freshly boiled crab for less than 20 Skr (= less than 2 Euros). The weather here is terrible -

We got the tickets!
tisdag 18 december 2007 - Johannesburg, Gauteng, Sydafrika

Yipppie! We got the tickets from Flo's cousin and we could even use our Mastercard which has been denied the whole stay in Zimbabwe! We are now at Johannesburg's aerport, which feels like heaven compare to Zimbabwe! They even have Marabou Mjolkchoklad! =) We are leaving at 13 for Beira

Last night in Harare if everything works out!
måndag 17 december 2007 - Harare, Harare Province, Zimbabwe

Hi Everone, we promised, in our last message, to add what has happend the last week here in Harare and here we go... After having been picked up by Itayi last Saturday (after our trip to Vic Fallls), we spend a week at his place. This last week have been busy with Boris event and a spontanous

Updating our lives here in Zimbabwe
fredag 14 december 2007 - Harare, Harare Province, Zimbabwe

Hi Everyone, unfortunatly our camera seems to be carying a virus, so we can't upload any pictures. We just want to tell you all what we have been up to this last week. We arrived to Harare early on Saturday (morning at 04:00 the 1st of December). We stayed a couple of days at Florence safe place

lördag 1 december 2007 - Harare, Harare Province, Zimbabwe

Oh my God! After a VERY LONG and BUMPY ride, we finally got to the safe home of our dear friend Florence! We started our trip on Friday morning, at the bus deport at 06:30, cause the bus which goes directly to Harare were suppose to leave at 7 am and it only costed K3000 (= SEK150 or about 15

Starting some serious touristing in Africa
torsdag 29 november 2007 - Lilongwe, Centrala regionen, Malawi

The school year here in Malawi has now ended and we've just started to move around in Malawi to do some sightseeing. We're right now in Blantyre in the south of Malawi thinking that it's easier (atleast shorter distance) to our dear friends in Zimbabwe, Florence and Itay. We're leaving tomorrow but

South Luangwa NP
måndag 12 november 2007 - Lilongwe, Centrala regionen, Malawi

we've now been back in Malawi for one week. South Luangwa was just superb. We've uploaded a lot of pictures from both the park and some of the time from school. The stay in the park was it self an adventure, we slept in tents just by the river bank as you will see in one af the pictures. Then we



22 augusti 2007 - 14 februari 2008

Working as teachers in a Catholic Girls Secondary School in Mchinji Malawi.

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