Red light district and red light
söndag 10 februari 2019 -

Wow, this thing with frequently updating a blog… Hasn’t been very easy when things are hectic all the time. One small update since last time is that I have found a wonderful place to study. It is a huge library, located in a park with green spaces everywhere. My first visit there was quite

Finally, some páramo ecosystems!
tisdag 5 februari 2019 -

After the first week here in Bogotá, I was starting to crave for some nature. I have to face it, I am not a city person. Hip tiendas and charming markets in all of its glory BUT I need my piece of daily nature boost in order to feel good. Luckily, my supervisor recommended the trekking company,

Feeling hip
lördag 2 februari 2019 - Bogotá, Colombia

Buenos días, la gente! Now a couple of days have passed since I wrote anything. Things are hectic, as always, and I am just struggling with the daily life (like getting the Wi-Fi to work, seems impossible sometimes). I have been exploring the northern parts of the city (Zona Rosa, Chapinero Alto,

Greetings from Bogotá
fredag 1 februari 2019 -

Four days have passed since I arrived to Bogotá but it feels like I have been here for a month already! It has been some intense days with a lots of practical issues that I have had to attend. First, I received an email from my university in Bogotá who said that I had to come to their main office

fredag 25 januari 2019 - Huddinge, Stockholms län, Sverige

Test test

Colombia - Minor Field Studies

Colombia - Minor Field Studies

28 januari 2019 - 28 mars 2019

Climate change pose a threat to the sensitive high altitude páramo ecosystems in post-conflict Colombia. An improved understanding of the hydrological processes in the páramos is needed to support decision making processes and guarantee future water quality and quantity in the country. The expected outcome of this study is to apply modern techniques and traditional field work in order to investigate the status of the Colombian páramos and the ways in which these ecosystems are threatened by current and future climate change. Both observed (satellite images and metrological information) and simulated (climate model outputs) data will be used in this study.

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