Swiss camp site in New Zealand
tisdag 16 januari 2018 - Whangarei, Northland, Nya Zeeland

On our way to Whangarei. Passing Auckland we prepared ourselves for the trip towards up-north of New Zealand. Highlight of the day was the camp site we chose. Located on a hill overlooking a valley and mountains on the other side. The owner was a swiss person who liked to communicate with all kind

Cooking beach day
måndag 15 januari 2018 - Hot Water Beach, Waikato, Nya Zeeland

This day requires a special name, let´s call it cooking beach day. After a short drive we arrived at the hot water beach. This one looks just like a normal beach one would expect. However, at a special location a hot water spring is running below the sand from a mountain into the ocean. In order

Amazing sunset
söndag 14 januari 2018 - Tairua, Waikato, Nya Zeeland

After the impressive Maori event we went back to more classic holiday activities by driving up to the coast towards Tairua. Here we found a camp ground operated by a surfer guy, a young man like you would imagine him from movies like "Point Break". We had a small swim in the ocean. However, the

Like old boiled eggs
lördag 13 januari 2018 - Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, Nya Zeeland

This day should be called our Iceland experience. The morning started with a morning "swim" in the ice cold water and a small chat with the cows, we started the journey. After a small drive over some mountains, an amazing panorama view of a valley we entered an area famous for its hot springs. Like

Tongariro crossing and Cross roads
fredag 12 januari 2018 - Tongariro National Park, Waikato, Nya Zeeland

Our first day on the northern island brought us to a beach with clear water from the pacific ocean and some nice waves. After a small break we decided to proceed towards the national park in the area of the Tongariro Crossing. This is a famous hike going approximately for 21 kilometers in a valley

Ferry, Wellington and other Spaceship
torsdag 11 januari 2018 - Wellington, Kiriwhakapapa, Nya Zeeland

This day started quite early, as we had to catch the ferry from Picton to Welllington, the capital of New Zealand. The crossing took approximately 3 hours and went through impressive landscapes between several islands. It is a little like the Milford Sound, just more water between some small

Exploring Christchurch
tisdag 2 januari 2018 - Christchurch, Canterbury, Nya Zeeland

Today we explored the city centre of Christchurch. Much has changed since Matilda's last visit in 2012, but there are still houses, which needs to be restored. Among other, the cathedral in the city centre. It has not yet been restored and parts of the back wall and the roof do not exist any more.

onsdag 10 januari 2018 - Picton, Marlborough, Nya Zeeland

Last day on the southern island and the weather remained rainy. We had a quick tour towards Tasman national park, a supposely beautiful place with lots of forest and nice beaches. As both were not really visual (due to the very grey and rainy weather, we proceeded towards Picton. The ferry to

Pancake rocks
tisdag 9 januari 2018 - Punakaiki, West Coast, Nya Zeeland

This day we celebrated the pankake. Firstly, we visited the pankake rocks, a formation of vulcanic rocks, which have the structure of pankakes. This structure is slowly worn down by the ocean, such that there are lots of holes forming different shapes. You could see many faces and trolls in the

Gold mines
måndag 8 januari 2018 - Rapahoe, West Coast, Nya Zeeland

Another gold city on our way. In Ross their are still digging for gold, although the technology have changed a bit. Following the old times, we did a walk through an old field where gold had been extracted. What still can be seen, after 100 years have past is the installation of water piping used

Down Under

Down Under

3 december 2017 - 26 januari 2018

Diary about Matilda and Philipp's Honeymoon. In the 2 months, they are going to explore Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.

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