Sat naving to Takachiho and losing Piggy -nearly ! Part 1
söndag 21 oktober 2018 - Takachiho, Miyazaki prefektur, Japan

Setting off early Sunday morning with Mana driving her BMW and the Japanese special SatNav set for Takachiho Gorge was an interesting experience - specially as after finally hitting the Express Toll Way after nearly 1 hour - me thinking but we are going north not south - and then passing a sign

Our own Private high class Sushi chef
lördag 20 oktober 2018 - Kurume, Fukuoka prefektur, Japan

After a bit of shopping in the big centre on the outskirts of town and a bus ride back on our very own we had a quick cup of tea at home before the big event of the day namely a visit to the best Sushi restaurant in town courtesy of Mana.I had envisaged a big place filled with snooty waiters -

Khaki and Fig country
fredag 19 oktober 2018 - Kurume, Fukuoka prefektur, Japan

Today an outing to the famous fruit growing area around Kurume to buy Figs and visit the traditional tea shop where we went the first day after arriving 10 years ago.Khaki is the Japanese name for Persimmon or Sharon fruit by the way.We also saw many fruit trees with unusual fruits  we had never

Viking breakfast, Hiroshima and Grilled Fleas
tisdag 16 oktober 2018 - Hiroshima, Hiroshima prefektur, Japan

After a night of floor sleeping , very comfortable it was time for breakfast ,  the Japanese call a buffet style one for a Viking Breakfast  - possibly because of raiding all the dishes ? who knows !We then set off in our very own speedboat for 56 people  bound for Hiroshima Peace Park (we were

Shinkansen to Miyajima Island
måndag 15 oktober 2018 -

This morning we took the Shinkansen high speed train to Hiroshima then a small local train to Miyajima which is by the sea. We had lunch at a very traditional Eel restaurant  Eel  and Oysters being the delicacy of choice for this area.  Then jumped on one of the ferries that  leave regurlarly

More photos
söndag 14 oktober 2018 - Kurume, Fukuoka prefektur, Japan

The phot thing played up a bt so here are some more pictures

Mini Kyoto
söndag 14 oktober 2018 - Kurume, Fukuoka prefektur, Japan

Hiromi was still working Friday so Mana took us to a Shopping Centre . Some interesting stores. Even the shop dummies were bowing. Hallowen stuff everywhere as well. I spent a long time in Uniqlo. Anita and I then had a quick secret walk around Hiro;s neighbourhood  while poor Mana went home to

Arrived at last
fredag 12 oktober 2018 - Kurume, Fukuoka prefektur, Japan

Good Morning from Japan,Anita and I  have arrived after a very long journey - in fact at times it seemed endless ! The flght from London to Singapore was long but the crew were brilliant and so attentive.Changi airport fabulous  but after 7 hours we had had enough specially as the flight to

Last day - with added storm

Back in Gothenburg with the Karlssons and the "list". Trying desperately to catch up with the blog as have been without computer access for weeks. The car is extremely full but the chest of drawers did fit in1. As there was a small space left yesterday Margon and I hunted out a Weber BBQ for me.

Diaster strikes
söndag 15 augusti 2010 - Vaxholm, Stockholms län, Sverige

Dad has been having some problems with pains in the back and this morning it all come to a head. A small pathetic voioe was heard from the bedroom - poor Dad could not stand up straight and was in a lot of pain. And he was due to go out guiding on a boat in the afternoon. And we were supposed to go

Lena's and Anita's Big Trip Take Two

Lena's and Anita's Big Trip Take Two

9 oktober 2018 - 3 december 2018

Another VFR (visiting friends and relations) tour 10 years after the first one

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Lena's Summer Trip to Sweden

Lena's Summer Trip to Sweden

13 juli 2010 - 25 augusti 2010

21 Foton 29 Inlägg
Lena's and Anita's Big Trip

Lena's and Anita's Big Trip

12 oktober 2008 - 5 december 2008

We are off on a Big Trip to visit friends in Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

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