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To korea and back...
onsdag 4 april 2007 - Nagoya, Aichi prefektur, Japan

Well, I finally reached the end of this term. It's been tough but I managed to score well on my tests and so I'm moving up to the next level in my studies. Last week I went to Korea because I needed to go to a Japanese embassy outside of Japan to get my student visa. When I was there I stayed

Japan is obsessed with food!!!!
söndag 4 mars 2007 - Nagoya, Aichi prefektur, Japan

So I went to an Izakaya (japanese style pub) with my classmates and teachers this friday... Man, I loved that place... Sashimi, okonomiyaki, and loads of other stuff that I don't even know the name of yet. The food just kept coming, and so did the sake and the beer. Did I mention that I love sake

You need to learn to Walk like a ninja!
onsdag 31 januari 2007 - Nagoya, Aichi prefektur, Japan

That's actual advice given to us by Declan Murphy, one of the people working at my school. See, one of the innate characteristics of us westerners is that we're much noisier than Japanese people. So as long as I'm here, guess I might as well hone my ninjitsu skillz :) Seriously though, living in

Samui desu neee
måndag 8 januari 2007 - Nagoya, Aichi prefektur, Japan

Hi everybody, Just a short update for now. I've arrived in Okazaki Japan and I just had my first day at school. Today we had a diagnostic test to check how well we know the Japanese language. I don't think I did very well, I've been getting by with baby-talk Japanese so far. But like someone said:

Crazy cocktail party FTW!1!!1!
onsdag 7 juni 2006 - Brisbane, Queensland, Australien

Okay, yes. I'm back on the east coast now, and it feels pretty good. It's strange how I somehow end up zig-zagging all over the country when I'm travelling. I think the normal, accepted way of going round Australia is to start at one end, and then follow the coastline until you get back to where

Twiddle twiddle Snip snip.
tisdag 30 maj 2006 - Perth, Perth, Western Australia, Australien

Hello everybody! Just a short update: It appears that there has been some sort of rearrangment of the space-time continuum, and so I find myself, not in Manjimup, but in Perth, and three months have passed unnoticed by me. I think there's a couple of lessons to be learned from this. Number one:

söndag 19 februari 2006 - Margaret River, Western Australia, Australien

Just checked today's date and all I can say is wow. Just wow. I can't believe we're already getting near the end of february, and I still haven't updated this travel diary. Shame on me. :( Lots of stuff has happened the last two months. In fact, so much has happened that I couldn't really

Christmas plans and other shit...
onsdag 7 december 2005 - Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australien

So, I got a call from my friend Mimmi who's in Adelaide at the moment, and it looks like I'll be going there to spend christmas with she and her sister. Nice to be with good friends in yule-tide I guess, but man it's far away from here. And I bet the water's ice-cold. And there's white sharks down

Another day, Another scar...
söndag 20 november 2005 - Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australien

Yes, it's that time of year again... Time for me to do something incredibly stupid/clumsy and potentially scar myself for life. I managed to hit myself in the head with my own surfboard today. Just returned from the hospital three stitches and one leaflet richer. The leaflet was probably the best

Still in Byron...
torsdag 27 oktober 2005 - Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australien

Just a short update: Got a job this week. I've started working as a dishwasher and kitchen hand at a restaurant here in Byron. So it looks like I've finally found a way to finance my depraved lifestyle. Heh, first the kitchen... then the world! Another cool thing: A school of dolphins came up to

Nihon ni ikimashoooouu!!

Nihon ni ikimashoooouu!!

6 januari 2007 - 1 december 2007

A confused Swede goes to Japan. Hilarity ensues!

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24 september 2005 - 1 september 2006

Beckpeckin thruu Australia

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