Westpac Stadium

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Day three!!

Right now we are at Westpac Stadium in New Zeeland and are about to the final in the rugby world cup witch is being played by irelnd - England. After the match we are going to eat and we don´t know what to eat yet. When we are have eaten we want to go to a party at our hotel. 

Day two!!

Today we went to see the semi-finals in rugby at Westpac Stadium. It was two good matches betwen England - Australia and New Zeeland - Ireland. After the matches we where pretty hungry so we went to McDonalds to get some hamburgers exept James he´s vegan. Right now we are chilling at our hotel and

A trip with David, Jacob and James Charles

A trip with David, Jacob and James Charles

13 januari 2019 - 20 januari 2019

three friends on a trip to New Zeeland to watch some good ole rugby.

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