måndag 13 oktober 2008 Helsingborg, Skåne län, Sverige
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I think this was the greatest physical challenge I have done this year, not so much because of the height of the mountain but more because of the weather conditions.
One good thing I did during this climb was that I drank a lot of water during many micro stops with some supplementary snack of nuts and dried fruit (perfect for nutritional restoration).
Even though I had my eyes open to look for Yeti, I never saw him/her but I saw some very large footprints of unexplained origin?
One important aspect during these adventures is leadership and coherent group intentions and I realize that I can learn a lot about that especially in preparation for my future adventures were I am dependent of other people for safety and good teamwork.
Unfortunately for some unexplained reason I had changed the resolution of my mobile camera to lowest quality instead of using VGA widescreen resolution so the movies were not that impressive.
The budget for this trip stopped at 1500 Skr (gas, food and lodging).

This was another adventure.

Ragnar Asker
Senast aktiv - från Helsingborg, Skåne län, Sverige

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