Film med Osho

måndag 27 oktober 2008 Hudiksvall, Gävleborgs län, Sverige
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Subject: WHY ARE OSHO VIDEOS BEING REMOVED????? Beloved Friends,I am attaching a link to a video lovingly and creatively made by Ma Divyo. Please watch it…do you find it objectionable or offensive to OSHO, Please comment…..The Poona Resort had raised an objection on this very inspired work and has had it removed from!!!!!!!!!!I do not know what is wrong or objectionable here…please waiting for your comments and feed back, before we take the matter forward.The link: Words of BELOVED OSHO:"God is your inner voice. No priest is needed, you need not have any instructions from anybody about your life. But one thing has to be done, you have to move inwards so that you can hear the still, small voice. Once it is heard, once you know how it can be heard, your whole life is transformed. Then whatever you do is right. Socrates says knowledge is virtue. By knowldege he does not mean knowledgeability, by knowldege he means intuitive insight, knowing. His statement is tremendously significant. Intuitive knowing is virtue. He does not say what is virtue and what is sin; intitutive knowing is virtue, because the man who knows intuitively, the man who can hear his own innermost core, is bound to be virtuous, he cannot be otherwise. It is inevitable. Once heard you cannot go against it because nobody can be so foolish, it is unimaginable. I am not giving you a discipline, I just have to help you listen to your own center and then to follow your own heart. That will be virtue, and that is real character, that is real morality. But it comes from your innermost core; it is nothing imposed from the outside." Some one needs belly laughter: Mulla Nasrudin is here……. Mulla Nasrudin was lying beside the wrecked car with a broken leg.He was being questioned by the highway patrolman.”Married?” asked the patrolman.”NO,” said Nasrudin. ”THIS IS THE WORST MESS I HAVE EVER BEEN IN.” Mulla Nasrudin said to his wife, ”My dear, this article says women need more sleep than men.””Is that right? ” she said .”YES, DEAR,” said the Mulla, ”SO MAYBE YOU’D BETTER NOT WAIT UP FOR ME TONIGHT.” Mulla Nasrudin called on a psychiatrist and told him that he had problems and needed help.”I want to talk to you,” said the Mulla, ”because my ethics have not been what they should be and my conscience is bothering me.””I understand,” the psychiatrist said, ”and you want me to help you build up a stronger will power, is that it?””NO,” said Nasrudin, ”THAT’S NOT IT. I WANT YOU TO TRY TO WEAKEN MY CONSCIENCE. Love and HugsAnand Kamal--------------------

Björn Skålén
Senast aktiv - från Hudiksvall N, Gävleborgs län, Sverige

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