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lördag 19 juni 2010 Los Melones, La Altagracia, Dominikanska republiken
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Cant anyone kill that fucking roaster? this "ecological alarm clock" kept us awake from 04:00 to 08:00 before he went quiet, did he get to sleep then? Finally, I could sleep a little before I woke up to another promising day. I studied the mass tourism going out with the speed boats. Then I reflected over the hotel personnel's depressed attitude which can be summoned up in this phrase "do I really need to help you?". Then I tried to access the internet but the monitor was not working today, manana, why don't they fix things when they know it's broken?
Maybe it was time to snorkel at the beach instead? There were not much fish to be seen as you can suspect because of the heavy boat traffic. But suddenly it started to rain and the rain was cool, it was a very peculiar experience. Soon the surface water was cooler than the water beneath. I went home and packed my stuff, then we tried to order a taxi to the resort. Before we left we had some time to explore the supermarket so I bought some local rum (Brugal 35 cl for 130 DOP).

Finally at Oasis Canoa, it was quite a reality shift from one star to four stars. We got a silver bracelet around our wrist, now almost everything was free. I guess free drinks was my travel mates wet dream. The room or rather apartment was very large with three different balconies. But we were so hungry so we just left and went for the Italian restaurant. There was an abundance of different kinds of food. I just realized that I couldn't follow my old motto "to taste everything on the table".

Then I felt it was time to snorkel the beach it looked like it was some kind of reef just outside? But it was an artificial reef, that was a little bit disappointing, is everything artificial here?
Then we went up to explore the swimming pool were the "Manager" aka "Tony Montana" offered my travel mate some "grass". Ok time for a free drink then it was time to watch the "Miss Bikini" contest it was quite a show. Fuck, it's quite exhaustive with so many activities in such a short time/;)

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