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måndag 21 februari 2011 Siburan, Sarawak, Malaysia
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I will make a resume of several days so this is for 21 Februari until 23rd.

This was the start of the course tropical ecology. We initiated with a briefing at Kuching and traveled to Bako National Park where we stayed until the 23rd.
First of all I really enjoy this weather. Even though sweat had been pouring down my head and all over my body, I just love it, but of course this is thanks to the wonderful nature that surrounds me because I wouldn't enjoy the heat as much in a big city. From Kuching we traveled by bus until we got to Bako where we had to travel by boat to the national park. It was not long until cameras were taken out because right away there where many things to see. After the arriving at Bako NP, some of the things we got to see right away were proboscis monkeys, Crab-eating Macaques, Wagler's pit viper and plenty of nice rainforest vegetation. We had a nice and very exhausting excursion up the mountain there were we could see many different species of Nepentes and also got to see a small but apparently very dangerous snake, which I forgot the name of, among other cool stuff.
Bako NP is definitely a place I would like to explore more on another occasion with more time available for photographing and at a slower tempo. Really recommended!!!

Cristian Jaramillo
Senast aktiv - från Cairns, Queensland, Australien

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