Macadamia candy factory
Macadamia candy factory

Heading back

fredag 11 februari 2011 Leigh, Nya Zeeland
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After some well deserved rest on Goat Island time was running out. We had to turn back to be in Auckland in time for our flight and also to have a couple of days to get our things sorted out. We didn't look forward to the piece of motorway we had passed on the way here. But when you only have one option you suck it up and deal with it, so we were in a good mood. Also the pain in the legs was nearly gone and that helped. This time we were gonna divide the 60km into two days because 30km is more realistic and pleasurable. My recollection of the road was that it was more uphill than down hill but Jairo remembered it the opposite, so it was going to be interesting to see who was right.

We set out late after a lot of tinkering with my breaks, they were totally worn out. But it was already noon and we didn't want to be fried in the midday sun so we waited until 2 pm. We were warned that it was going to rain but there was no sign of it, we actually hoped for it, but it didn't come. We estimated that we needed 4 hrs to get to where we could find accommodation and it gets dark around 7.30 pm. We stopped many times to drink and enjoy the view. On the way we saw many small farms selling nuts, fruits and wine. We stopped at one that was selling macadamia nuts and toffee candy. It was delicious! When we arrived at Worksworth it was getting late, and there were some hostels so Jairo took my bike and went and asked around for a room. I sat and waited for him on a bench, he came back with bad news - all the hostels and hotels were full because of a wedding that was going to take place in the town. So instead of panicking we went to a store and bought some dinner. We found a green area we sat at a bench and ate. The area kept on going behind some trees and pretty far in so our thought was to camp inside even though it's illegal. We considered many options before deciding to camp: keep on biking, ask a person if we can use their yard to pitch our tent (we asked a couple and got a no) or even go the police to ask for help. Because if they find us they could make us pay fines. But the hour was late and we had to decide and move quickly, it would be difficult to put up the tent in the darkness. So we went for it, we selected a nice concealed spot under an oak tree and put it up. The darkness fell quickly and most of the work was done in the dark. With a mini flash light we had bought in a Chinese 2 dollar shop we put the finishing touch. We couldn't use the flashlight a lot because we didn't want anyone to see us. When the tent was up we decided not to inflate our mattress but the ground was a too cold and we were worrying about catching a cold if we slept on it so Jairo pulled out the mattress. At first we couldn't sleep or woke up to every little noise, but that didn't last very long and since we were so tired from a long day we couldn't help it and fell asleep.

The alarm sounded at 6 am and we had some breakfast. We were well rested thanks to our inflatable mattress. It's very moist in New Zealand, so when you wake up all the walls in the tent are filled with condensed water drops but with the mattress we didn't have to lay in the water that gathers on the tent floor. The sleeping bags also helped a lot. After packing up our stuff we had some breakfast on a bench and headed out again and were satisfied with our nightly camping adventure. Jairo also used the last of the laptop battery to charge the iPhone which we need as a GPS device. The awaited rain came while we were biking, we put on rain ponchos to protect the things in our bags, but the rain was wonderful. It was also very nice to not worry to much about getting sunburnt. Before reaching our destination we saw a little sign that said; "Teddy bear and doll hospital", I just had to go in and look. It was a lady that repaired and sold old plushies but she couldn't make them anymore because she was sick. We bought one elephant and a teddy as presents for Jairos family. This day we reached Orewa where we stopped on the way north but this time we didn't want to stay at the same place. The first accommodation we saw was a little backpackers called: Pillows, we hoped that there wouldn't be a wedding in this town. Jairo went in and after some discussions he came out and said that at first the man who owned the place said no, but as always Jairos diplomatic skills prevailed. The main reason why he said no was that there was going to be a rugby tournament in Orewa and the whole town is packed with people from different teams and he was certain that his guests would make loads of noise until late at night. He didn't want any complains from other guests, but we said that it was fine and that we didn't mind the noise. Also he had so much to do that he didn't even have clean sheets for us. Because of the special occasion we got our own private room for 50 AUD and that was the same price as for two beds in a dorm and thus really cheap.

I loved that hostel it was so cozy! With a big and clean kitchen where you didn't have to rent things. So we cocked our own food. We went to some stores and I found an entire fridge with vegetarian food! We bought something that looked like fish with breadcrumbs and potatoes and made mashed potatoes. We liked the place so much that we stayed for one more night. In the end we had a long talk with the owner that had traveled a lot and had many stories. He said that it's so nice to have people like us at his hostel. Before we left we gave him a lemon honey that apparently was his favorite. He seemed both happy and a bit sad when we left, he wished us well and said that if are in the neighborhood again that we should drop by.

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