me inside the forbidden city
me inside the forbidden city


söndag 19 juni 2011 Peking, Kina
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We’ve spent almost a week in Beijing, fantastic city. First day here we walked around the forbidden city and made a point of seeing every exihibition in the place. That only took us 5 hours of pretty much non-stop walking. And it’s all a blur of sights and scenes. I can’t tell one thing from the other, but we have seen it all.
Björns buisness associate took us to the wall, to the badaling part. Which is the most touristy part of the wall but it was still amazing to see even if it was overcrowded. Asians have curios habit of using umbrellas as sun protection and i’m sure it works great for them but in a crowded space with everyother person carrying an umbrella the eye-poking danger is everpresent. Later we also went to the summerpalace, where we made a dramatic underestimation of it’s size. It’s enormous, I thought it was a palace, it’s more lthe size of a national park. We tackled this by renting a pedalo boat and pedaled around the central lake, once again a big misstake. It was a hot day and the pedalo boat was incredible slow and hard to steer. To get anywhere at all we had to work like slaves and were thusly drenched in sweat after just 10 min. Which was very fitting when björns buisness contact picked us up and took us to one of the fanciest duck restuarants in beijing. We were sitting there all sticky and smelly, but they didn’t seem to care one bit. Dresscode is very casual in china. The duck we had was easily the tastiest bird l ever had, I don’t know how they manage to get the skin like that. It’s crunchy when you put it in your mouth and after the first bite it melts into a grease delicousness that fill your mouth.
Along the way here we’ve been to the silk market where björn haggled is way to some handbags. Not all of them were for him. Some were actual gifts. We’ve eaten some weirds treats at various night markets and restuarant, like jellyfish, bugs, centipeds and snake. Not that bad but still not a culinary highlight in any way. But the things we’ve eaten at restuarants have been absolutely amazing, some of the strangest looking fishes that has tasted unbelievably good.
Today björn left to go home, I staying in beijing to more nights. I’m planning a second trip to the wall for tomorrow and then I will take the train to Pingyao and Xian for the terracotta army.

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