Leaving Mendoza
Leaving Mendoza

The road goes ever on...

tisdag 31 maj 2011 San Luis, Argentina
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Since we couldn't get the bike fixed in Mendoza we just had to continue and hope for the best. I (Jairo) was getting used to handling the bike and getting the motor not to stop too often and in too dangerous situations. Luckily Argentina is very flat once you have passed the Andes. The roads are long and winding but there is seldom any need to stop. The only hard parts were the occasional town. The bigger the worse.

We managed to put many kilometers behind us and after hours of driving and a few stops for rest, gasoline and food we entered the town of San Luis just as it was getting dark. As usual we asked a local where to go and more importantly where NOT to go. We asked for a mechanic and somewhere to stay and eat too. The stranger was so nice that he offered to drive to a mechanic and we could follow him there. He also showed us a couple of places to eat and sleep on the way.

The mechanic was a very nice thin man with gray hair. He listened to my explanation of the problems we've had and told me that he would take a look at the bike and he thinks it's a minor problem. He was going to take a quick look at the bike while we went out to find somewhere to eat and sleep. We found a place to sleep and just next to it a place to eat. Both were on the same street as the mechanic just a couple of minutes away walking.

When we got back to the mechanic he told us that the problem was minor indeed and that by tomorrow it would surely be fixed. I also asked him about changing the cogwheel on the rear wheel to one that would give us a speed boost. He said that is doable too although he disagreed on the need of extra speed. He would also change the chain to the new and stronger one I had bought as spare.

After a good nights rest at a nice and calm (and pretty cheap) hotel and a good breakfast we went to the mechanic. I realised I had forgotten to leave him any of the keys we were carrying so he had not been able to test the bike. He also needed some small parts that I went out and bought. When we got back the bike was ready it was spinning like a spoiled cat! Music to our ears! We changed the cogwheel and now we could do 85kmph at 10.000rpm. That would save us some more time. We thanked an payed. We also left some of the clothes we had used to get over the Andes - some training trousers and pullover - to the mechanic since we didn't need them anymore and we always need to get weight off the bike.

Happy, with a fully functional and faster bike we rolled on towards Villa Maria which was the next planed stop of our journey.

Stephanie Benari
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