Tortuga Island

söndag 5 februari 2012 San José, San Pedro, Costa Rica
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Time for another sightseeing adventure. I was looking forward to use my own snorkeling gear especially since I had brought it with me half around the globe. We took a bus to Montezuma (very nice and calm backpacker atmosphere) and then we had to take a boat to Isla Tortuga. The boat trip felt very nice and it got interrupted with a glimpse of playing dolphins. But the snorkeling was not that great with "red tide", dead corals and few fishes. Maybe I am getting picky or I am tired of paying 70 dollar for an average underwater experience? The island looked nice and had a great beach, but there was no room for exploration on your own since the beach was "fenced", it was the classic tourist trap a picturesque beach with tourist boats coming and going for lunch in the shadows. But our food was great and the water was turquoise.
On the boat ride back we got another interruption, by two humpback whales (at least according to our crew) I think it was a mother with her playful baby. I love it when unexpected things like that happen!

Ragnar Asker
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