A sneaky peak of all that ive packed.
A sneaky peak of all that ive packed.

On the road again

lördag 4 juli 2015 Borlänge, Dalarnas län, Sverige
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That song, on the road again, has been pestering my mind during the previous trip i made with a friend of mine, Anna, through Europe. So, once again im on the road again. The journey has begun with the obligate stress and forgetting things. So far the biggest causalty has been the big bag i was gonna put my backpack in, in order to protect it and all of the straps it has. Other than that ive only forgot some apples. About this blogg/diary-i have no idea how it will end up. It is because of some friends im doing it. Hope it will not just be filled of jidder jadder but also some interesting things. Anyways, through this i will try to let you know where i am and sending a sign of life now and then. My backpack is big but not at all heavy thankfully. First off is the train to Arlanda airport in Stockholm. Next are flights to Helsinki-Singapore-Sydney.
Over and out, walkabout.

Amelie Brynedal
Senast aktiv - från Umeå, Västerbottens län, Sverige

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