Alot of construction work going on as a trace of the earthquakes.
Alot of construction work going on as a trace of the earthquakes.

The beginning of New Zeeland, Christchurch

måndag 20 juli 2015 Christchurch, Canterbury, Nya Zeeland
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So, the next chapter begins, the oh so varying chapter of the south island. From sunny beaches, seals, lush forests and high and snowy mountains all in the same view sometimes. As we left Christchurch the 21st of July i believe my jaw was more dropped than closed because of the views ( i never had much of a pokerface anyways).

Before i left Christchurch i had one whole day to explore the town in a bit of ruin after the earthquake a few years ago. Quite a biggie, up to 7.1 on the Richterscale if i remember correctly which i read about in the museum. On this journey i´ve fallen for touristy things quite a few times but this museum was quite interesting and it allowed me to explore while being warm (aka inside). How devastating Mother Earth can be.

I also explored the Botanic garden. Travelling this summer i´ve come to enjoy quite a few Botanic gardens. Its often free and is something worth exploring even during winter. At least it suited me perfectly, having alot of time to kill and enjoying the more or less fresh air. AND getting to stretch your legs a bit as well.

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