You see me Kaikoura

tisdag 21 juli 2015 South Bay, Canterbury, Nya Zeeland
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So the KiwiExperience starts. One of the green buses that are gonna carry me around this New exciting land, drives out of Christchurch godforsakingly early (half past 7 am) and with a temperature that I swear must have been close to 0. But it was all worth it, it didnt take long until I was left breathless of the view. Breathless and speechless. Mountains next to forests next to the sea and seals. I am in no way a photagrapher and have no good camera, but as you will see, I just had to try to capture some of the moments. Some moments, however, are well kept within me. Well kept because I found it nigh impossible to capture and because sometimes it was just too amazing to share, so i practise some egoism. This has left me with some marvellous memories that´ve become somewhat of a happy place within me that I can savour.

We made some stops along the way, some just for a bathroom break, other also to try to capture the view. When we arrived in Kaikoura we hade more or less half a day to spend. Me and a few other wanted to go on a whalesafari but unfortunately it was canceled due to bad weather.... Quite a few things were canceled like this during my journey around New Zeeland. Oh well, I did the second best thing and went for a walk along the ocean, hanging out with the seals( with a bit of distance of course, the seals need their privacy). The hostel we stayed at had the most amazing scenery just outside the room. You could see snowy mountains. I could have stayed there longer just waking up to that view. Oh well, the tour has just started so I left with many of the others the next day with the bus we came with.But before that we enjoyed a fireplace and a movie(which i was too tired to finish...)

Oh, food, almost forgot about that. Could be interesting to read about all the yummie stuff I´ve eaten. Had some quite delicious crayfish at the seaside, and a complementary birdpoop after that! But as soon as our driver explained that it is considered good luck it all felt much better, not cleaner, but still better. Oh well, shit do happen^^.

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