Summary of my Guatemala trip in English

onsdag 9 augusti 2017 Flores, Petén, Guatemala
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Trip to Guatemala July 31 Agust 12th.

I have been taking spanish classes for 5 days, total 20h in Antigua. It has been a Good start and I manage to order food from restauranges by my self. I can also ask for the prices and have a very basic talk. I think it is pretty good to manage this after only a week. 

I stayed in Antigua week and then I have been travelling. Saturday I took the shuttle bus from Antigua at 14:00 (2pm). We vere supposed to reach Lanquin about 22:00 (10pm). We got late and came to the city 02:30 (02:00AM) instedd and things went wrong and I never reach my hostel that Day/Night. But it works out pretty well because I stayed three nights in a very nice hostel named Vista Verde. They has a swimmingpool on the top of a hill and the view from there was very nice.

I visit the Semuc Champey and the Kanb'a Caves. I never went rafting, instedd I had a relaxing. Yesterday I took a shuttle bus from Lanquin to Flores. Even this shuttle bus arrive late. It supposed to take about 8h. It took is 13h, because the  brwaka didnt work.

Today I have spent the day in Flores. I ending up to go with a man (guide) from the tourist office and three Guatemala students and he gave us a 3h guides tour. He was very helpful. I choose ro spend  my night at a hostel with swimmingpool. After dinner I Will spend some time in the pool. It has been very hot day.

At 03:00 (3am) I will take a shuttle to Tikal to see the sunrise from the Maya pyramids. It is early but they say the experience is Magic all.

Tomorrow evening I will take "normal" tourist bus with AC and toilet to Guatemala City. I will arrive to Guatemala City early on Friday morning. I am flying to Panama on Saturday

Christina G
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