Yoga retreat
Yoga retreat

Detox yoga retreat in India

fredag 30 mars 2018 Goa, Indien
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SWAN Yoga is one of the popular yoga retreat center in India where we follow yogic philosophy in our daily lives and live a yogic lifestyle. Our integrative, research-based yoga program offers participants an immersion into that yogic lifestyle. You are welcome to join our retreat any day of the week, at your convenience. Friday is our weekly day off from our scheduled program at SWAN therefore it is recommended to arrive on that day, if possible. Our week long yoga vacation program includes morning mediation, pranayama, asana, yogic kriya, yoga philosophy and special yoga technique classes. Our integrative, research-based yoga program offers participants an immersion in that yogic lifestyle.
Our services at swan yoga retreat:
We have comfortable, eco-friendly cottages with private bathrooms and a shaded porch for lounging
Surrounding forest
Our campus was constructed using 60% recycled products and was designed to blend into the surrounding forest
Organic Gardens
We grow our own vegetables & fruits in our organic gardens
Solar panels
We use solar panels for heating water
all times
There is a free, unlimited supply of herbal tea & filtered water available at all times
free Wi-Fi
We offer free Wi-Fi, however we do not provide a computer

Swan Yoga
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