fredag 13 juli 2018 Bagenkop, Region Syddanmark, Danmark
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Today we made a new speed record 7,1 knots it's fun when it happens 
A revival of old technology 
selfsteering device worked surprisingly well 
Last day in Denmark tomorrow we go to Kiel Germany 

Postat av George Mclaughlin

Looks like fun at speed! Been following your reports since you started. Now we are on West Coast of Ireland basking in sunshine. Travel well! George

Per Guttman
Nakuak Publicerat

Hi are your travelling with your camper ?

Postat av George Mclaughlin

Yes. With camper and fog. Had a mechanical issue to sort out. Did temporary repair and hope to game fully resolved tomorrow. Turns out Ireland's number one VW T25 specialist is only 12km from where we sleep tonight. Sometimes you get a break!


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