Changi airport
Changi airport

Arrived at last

fredag 12 oktober 2018 Kurume, Fukuoka prefektur, Japan
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Good Morning from Japan,

Anita and I  have arrived after a very long journey - in fact at times it seemed endless ! The flght from London to Singapore was long but the crew were brilliant and so attentive.Changi airport fabulous  but after 7 hours we had had enough specially as the flight to Fukuoka was delayed one hour and left at 02.20 local time. Our body clocks totally confused by this time - but at least there was a Pret  so I could indulhe my passion for tea - in fact I am having some now as well - brought 160 tea bags with me to be on the safe side.

Arriving in Japan is very interesting - we had our passports scanned 3 times. First by machines which also did finger prints. Secondly by passport officer that stamped our passports and thirdly by customs. The chap was taken aback by my passport as it said Europeean Union on it as well as Sweden - he seemed to think I was some sort of industrial spy and asked if I was there to WORK - I had to laugh and say I was there to relax for 2 weeks.
Our suitcases arrived as well having travelled all the way from LHR which was a releif..

Once through Hiromi and Mana were there shouting and crying and we did too. Big hugfest ensued.
Then we took a very comfortable airport bus to Kurume and settled into Hiro's flat. She had to go to work later so Mana picked us up after a quick nap and took us to her house and cooked us a lovely meal with duck and roast beef and salads and great bread and cheese and a bottle of rose wine after which I fell asleep at the table as usual !!!

More adventures awaits today. Now about to attempt Japanese bathroom - bit different to ours .

Lena Pledger
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Postat av Annelie

Underbart! Vilket äventyr ni är ute på! Kram från en annan ö!


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