Building still standing
Building still standing

Viking breakfast, Hiroshima and Grilled Fleas

tisdag 16 oktober 2018 Hiroshima, Hiroshima prefektur, Japan
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After a night of floor sleeping , very comfortable it was time for breakfast ,  the Japanese call a buffet style one for a Viking Breakfast  - possibly because of raiding all the dishes ? who knows !

We then set off in our very own speedboat for 56 people  bound for Hiroshima Peace Park (we were the only passengers). Lovely journey with fab views of sea and hills and oyster banks. We eventually went into town via the river and disembarked near the partly still standing industrial exhibtion hall which has been left as a memorial to the Hiroshma Atom Bombing on Aug 6th 1945.

The whole Peace Park area was very moving and the museum first class. The main building was being renovated but what we saw made you realise that nuclear weapons must never be used again.
Many many Western tourists though. 

For lunch we had been promised a Hiroshima speciality but when Mana put the name into her translator it came up as "Grilled Fleas" ! Very intriguing. It turned out to be a sort of thin eggy pancake done on the griddle toppped with a huge pile of  veg and different meats and then turned over in a skilful way. Very very tasty.

Old fashioned tram to the JR station and back on the Shinkansen- it even has a posh toilet  with heated seat - puts British Rail to shame- and back to Kurume  where we seem to be  the only Westerners.


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