Our courtyard
Our courtyard

Freo and Rotto

torsdag 8 november 2018 Fremantle, Western Australia, Australien
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We are in Fremantle for a couple of days to give our hosts a break and to see a bit more of the Perth area. We took the local train down which is only 30 minutes.

Fremantle is a major Australian port in Western Austrlalia and serves as the port to  Perth. Settled in 1829 it has a lot of well preserved 19th century buildings.  Also a lot of tourists who together with the locals call it Freo. Today it has also got a thriving fishing port.

Staying very centrally at a nice B&B in a  French looking courtyard but with very meagre breakfast. The shower is excellent though and we have a very small balcony where I sit in the mornings.

Today we went to Rottnest island - Rotto to the locals- the home of Quakka's
 The quokka,  is a small macropod about the size of a domestic cat. Like other marsupials in the macropod family, the quokka is herbivorous and mainly nocturnal.
Not anymore though I fear - Bs there were many of them hanging around what I call the Feeding stations ie all the cafe's and bars on the island.

We got a good deal on the ferry over 2-1 but Anita suffered a bit in the wavy conditions but only 30 mins so that was OK. All the staff so friendly and helpful. Perhaps English people working in the service industry should be sent over on a course.

Our first Quakka came hopping under our table as we had a cup of tea and a sandwich at the Bakery. But we saw one in it's natural environment later when we went for a lovely walk up to the light house. He was nibbling a tree shoot and Anita found another shoot to give him which he immidiately grasped..

The sandy beaches looked like the Caribeean and there where many small holiday rentals scattered everwhere. We had a good walk and then repaired to the Dome cafe for more refreshments where to our amazment Quakka sweeping took place. ie a young employee with a broom was trying to get rid of the Quakka that had jumped in through the front door......I wanted to take a picture but felt it would not have gone down very well.

Back in Freo we walked along the harbour with many  brilliant statues  and ended the evening with a great Spare Rib meal and lager sitting outside enjoying it immensly..  



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