Barney with slightly less greenery
Barney with slightly less greenery

Missing all the Black Friday bargains - but we don't care !

fredag 23 november 2018 Devonport, Auckland, Nya Zeeland
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Thursday morning we headed off to find the bus stop we had located on the transport website and hoped for the best. And guess what-  it was all correct down to the time the bus was supposed to arrive.
Bus is the best alternative for the city centre as the traffic into town is always queueing and there are many road works where as the bus just zooms past it all in a bus lane. But it has many and frequent stops in the residential areas.

We had a good walk around the harbour and the Viaduct area and then headed in amongst the few remaining older buildings in town ending up in the traditional department store Smith&Caughley's tea room.

Then went home and tried to get all the greenery off Barney - never known a cat getting so much stuck in his fur.

Today we followed the same bus procedure apart from it being a double decker and I sat upstairs at the front - just like a normal 5 year old. The weather glorious and there were many great views from up there.

Our plan- which we followed- was to take the ferry over to Devonport , a harbourside suburb of Auckland but oh so English, a 10 minute journey away. The ferry went all the way backwards -bit strange- but at least it went forwards on the way back.
Devonport is full of low rise buildings from late 1800's to 1920-30's. Quite a few shops and cafe's and a beautiful old cinema. It is also home to the Naval Museum - I had a quick look around but could have spent hours in there. Really interesting and well executed.

After some tea with view of the harbour at the Hotel Esplanade we headed home via an ice cream parlour - have to keep our strength's up.

We have a shortcut to the bus stop via our nearby Nature Reserve full of birds and Fern trees.



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