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fredag 12 juli 2019 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
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We went out on this long planned tour with GoAquatic, a PADI dive-centre close to our hotel, and hence also to Jesselton point, the harbour.

Our guide, Gary, was a brilliant companion in all aspects; catering to the different needs of our little group splendidly. Me and Johan needed a refreshment dive; though we are both certified divers, its been a really long time since last dive. Boys and Lilly were taking the Experience Scuba diving program. 

We started from the boat, with a classical backflip - quite an advanced entrance into Scuba diving for novices, I think - but both boys did great. Lilly climbed the ladder instead, and got help to get into the BCD in the water from Gary, who held her. 

The moment I hit the water, swirling around backwards, the magic of it flowed back to me. It was pure joy!

We swam to the beach, Lilly nervous and skittish, but Gary had her in a firm grip. 

Standing on the sandy bottom, the kids went through the basic skills of mask and regulator. They all did great, so soon enough we took off for the first real dive. Only - when Lilly saw a sea urchin on the bottom, she was beyond repare... A thing with NEEDLES! In the ocean!! No matter how many soothing words, explanations or promises were given to her - she refused to go on. Well, at least she did dive - 2 meters depth ... and got all the basic skills in place. 

We went back to the boat with her, as Gary took the boys out for their dive. When they came back, they were completely smitten! 

Me and Johan then had a fab, long dive at 14 meters, at the the artificial coral reef ( old tires laid out so new corals have started to grow on them). Since Sapi is a national park, there is a lot of beautiful wildlife below the surface. We saw lion fish, angel fish, sergeantfish, 3 different kinds of clownfish, murray eel and much more.

After a-shore lunch, we had a brilliant dive  together with the boys, at 11 meters, located at Fish Feeding point - the real Coral reef. The absolute beauty of being in the middle of a great school of many colored fish, moving around you like tiny ferries...! Magnificent! 

All in all - what a magic day to have experienced. I am truly grateful, and this will be a lifetime memory to cherish.

Ciccie Jisborg
Senast aktiv - från Växjö, Kronobergs län, Sverige

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