Best places to travel in Sweden

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Sweden is a marvellous country with ancient forests and beautiful coastlines. The Scandinavian country has several amazing cities, spectacular landscapes, and is rich in history and culture. Far up North of the country, you will find lands covered in thick green forests, while in the South there are several island cottages scattered all over the place. Right in the centre of it all, you will find fantastic hiking and biking paths, along with old castles and churches in picturesque cities. Cities in Sweden will make you whimper with joy with the amazing culture and plush restaurants. Sweden is one place you have to visit if you want to have a great time.

One of the main things that makes Sweden a unique place is it's the people. Although the country is not an English-speaking one, the vast majority of the citizens are educated and can speak English quite well. So if you are thinking that communicating with the natives will be something difficult, you may want to consider changing that thought. If you are a fan of art or you enjoy the view of amazing structures, you will find great places in Sweden that will bring you lots of delight. With so many places that you can travel to within the country, you may end with the decision of moving to Sweden.

Places to Visit
A good place to start your visit is the country's capital itself. Stockholm is a beautiful city that is set on 14 islands. It is the largest city in Scandinavia, with several attractions. One of the main attractions is the Vasa Museum, which is the most visited museum throughout all the Scandinavian countries. Apart from the Vasa Museum, there are over 15 other museums in the city. A third of the city comprises of parks and woodlands, while another third is made up of water. You can also take a visit to Gothenburg where you will find amusement parks. The city holds the largest film festival throughout the country. Here are a few places in Sweden worth visiting:

·    Stockholm
·    Uppsala
·    Gotland
·    Gothenburg
·    Ystad
·    Malmo
·    Kosterhavet National Park

Depending on your choice of fun, there are several cities with plenty of attractions that you can visit in Sweden. If you like nature and marine life, you will find the Kosterhavet National Park a nice place to be. The park is home to over 6000 aquatic species, several of which cannot be found anywhere else but in Sweden. However, if you are the adventure-type that likes skateboarding on ice, you may want to visit the Swedish Lapland during winter. Lapland is for hikers, canoers and lovers of wildlife. Taking a drive through this 223-mile region, you will discover several traditional wooden huts that show the beauty of this region.

A cultural place to be
Sweden might not be the largest country on the planet, but it sure has some tourist attractions that will delight you. If you are planning to visit Sweden, you may want to make a list of places you'd like to go to. However, no matter where you go, you will find that the Swedes are friendly and the cities all have special attractions to discover. Sweden has many historical buildings and artefacts, that will interest you. From Stockholm to Malmo, you will experience the deep-rooted culture of the Swedes. One other thing worth mentioning is the restaurants across the country where you can enjoy real traditional and delicious Swedish meals.


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