Why Mercy Ships and How did I get this idea?

torsdag 10 oktober 2019 Falkenberg, Hallands län, Sverige
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For me it often starts with a note on a messageboard, in a paper, a flyer...if I hadn't found a flyer in a lunch restaurant in Oslo; Norway saying: Do you want to work with wild animals in Africa...I wouldn't have my lovely husband Everest and my children Nellie and Lucas...
So this time I was just browsing on the internet about Mercy Air in Zimbabwe...and sort of slipped into ships instead! Finding myself looking at available positions as an anaesthetic nurse assistent for 2 travelling leg ( yes, I have one very annoying leg, and the other  being very steady on Swedish ground) started kicking me...and doesn't stop until I do something about it!)
And it so happend I talked to a friend on FB and she asked if I had anything going on...well, sort of, maybe this Ship of Mercy..." Ah, it sound great, let me have a look too" When did you say it was going to happen? And I mumbled something about August ( this being February) and before I knew it, she had sent in her application!!! Oh, wait a minute! Hold your horses! Oh...I better get on with it then! So thanks to Pyttan I'm now ready for Senegal!
But it has been an uphill many documents to fill in, videos to watch, references to be written( now that was somewhat tricky!) Since I don't have a spiritual leader... what do I do?!  Well, they said: How about you get a reference from your tutor, coach or teacher? Yeah but I sort of don't really have any of those hanging around me either...! Time to get help! Annika!!! ( My partner in, not crime but long time friend dating back to 1997 when we both lived and worked among sheep and others in Western Australia) She had to play the role of my spiritual leader! Not sure what will come out of that, though!
Then followed chasing doctors for health declarations, vaccinations, lab results...getting it translated so the HR ( Human Resources) in Texas could tick it off their protocols! I've never come across such fussy people! And I've had my fair bit of challenges dealing with my British Nursing Registration...So working in the States? Not my cup of tea!
So finally; Why Mercy Ships? Simply because it's a way to give. To give of my time, my knowledge, my part in an operating team in order for those patients who cannot afford hospital care; can
 have a chance of a normal and better life. I'm so fortunated, many are not. And the mission of all crew members is to bring Hope & Healing. I'll have a go at doing just that!
1700 operationer in 10 months, 4000 dental treatments, training of 1500 local staff. If you feel like contributing with a small amount, fell free to visit the link below. It would go to those patients I will be meeting during my 2 weeks. To be continued...

Maria Lövander
Senast aktiv - från Dakar, Dakar Region, Senegal
Postat av Pauline Matsson

Ser fram emot att följa dig här! 🤗


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