One semester GEM, and some travelling

tisdag 25 augusti 2009 - lördag 5 december 2009

Global Environmental Management-studies in Ghana. And after that some discovering of countries nearby.

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Last day, for this time
fredag 4 december 2009 - Bamako, Bamako District, Mali

Mum, can I bring one of those lizards?

Stuck in Bobo
onsdag 2 december 2009 - Bobo-Dioulasso, Hauts-Bassins, Burkina Faso

It was interesting to go by bus from Ouaga to Bobo yesterday. The staff was as always helpful, but the guy helping us with all our luggage (out of wich at least 5/8 is mine...) first wanted us to pay extra for the drum, because it was commercial goods, but I said no it is not commercial and then he

måndag 30 november 2009 - Ouagadougou, Centre, Burkina Faso

Experienced more of Ouagadougou today. Went to Le Grand Marché where we literally were hunted by sellers. They were so eager to convince us to come to THEIR shop..and followed us as we walked around until I told them to leave us alone. It was fun in the beginning but the more sellers and the more

Första advent d'autre part
söndag 29 november 2009 - Ouagadougou, Centre, Burkina Faso

Walked to the border in the morning, filled in the immigration paper at the immigration office on the Ghana side. Bought a water melon in Ingenmansland. Walked to the immigration police office on the Burkina Faso side. Filled in application, waited for the old man at the desk to write in his books

Slavery Camp
lördag 28 november 2009 - Paga, Upper East Region, Ghana

At like 9.35-9.40 Ben picked us up at the hotel and we went to Paga. Stopped by a gas station to by diesel (we paid for the fuel) and by another to fill the tires with air (Ben paid them). Also stopped in Bolga to have lunch at Comme ci comme ca. In Paga we checked in at the lodge and then went to


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