Dominkanska Republiken-Karibien

torsdag 10 februari 2011 - fredag 25 februari 2011

Hallo! Time to leave this melting snow and gray days! Caribbean rhythm and warm weather! Swimming with dolphins and whales (well maybe not swimming with whales...)! Here I come! I think I don't want to come back to Sweden...

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Back home!
söndag 27 februari 2011 - Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sverige

Home sweet home! Well not that sweet with snow on the ground! Jet lagged! Wake up at 5 in the morning, fall asleep again and can't get up! It will be a hard day tomorrow - off to work! Hopefully I will hear from you on my next trip! Adiós Amigos!

Ocean World

Hallo my friends! The massage yesterday was just great - fell asleep! Today's adventure was Ocean world and dolphin swimming. Wow what an experience with the dolphins! They were playful and strong! They jumped over us, they hugged us, they kissed us, they danced merrengue with us and we surfed with

Cayo Paraíso - Paradadis Island!

Time for U2 envy us! Yesterday our trip went to a FANTASTIC paradise island in the middle of nowhere in the ocean! A sandy island with turkoise water and a white sand beach! Snorkelling was on the schedule as well in the corall reef outside the island. Many colourful fishes to see! WOW - we love

Valentines Day/Whale watching

Hóla Amigos! Valentines Day is really celebrated here! I found my man laying in the sand! Otherwise I have become Mr Ankarloo now (see invitation), sorry Staffan; You are out of the picture... We went whale watching and the rain was pooring down in the morning!!! But it got better - mutch better!

Mexican Night

Hi, After two cloudy/sunny days we got a very sunny day! Wow, did we get sun-burrned - yes indeed! The breeze in the afternoon was more of a wind, sand everywhere. Back to the hotel to peel it off! The Mexican dinner was waiting; It started with a Marguerita before dinner and to our surprise they


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