Australia, part of Grand Tour 2012 - 13

lördag 15 december 2012 - onsdag 16 januari 2013

Our trip continues to Australia

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Home again
onsdag 16 januari 2013 - Skurup S, Skåne län, Sverige

Winter met us we we came back home. Both of us miss "Down Under".

Australia part 8, back in Sydney, 2013-01-10 -- 15
söndag 13 januari 2013 - Sydney, New South Wales, Australien

The smoke from the bushfires could be smelled in Melbourne as we left the hotel Thursday morning. The bushfires comes back almost every year as is it the natures way the redevelop itself. However as the humans has developed the land in its way, by setting up farms and villages, the bushfires have a

Australia part 7, Melbourne, 2013-01-07 -- 09
onsdag 9 januari 2013 - Melbourne, Victoria, Australien

We came to Melbourne on Monday January 7th. First stop was to drop off the luggage at the hotel (Sophia on Kings St). On our way to return the rental car, we stopped at IKEA to have a serving of meatballs and mashed potatoes, as a step to acclimatise to the days to come..... We left the car. I

Australia part 6, Great Pacific Road and Great Ocean Road, 2013-01-02 -- 06
måndag 7 januari 2013 - Warrnambool, Victoria, Australien

After a couple of lovely days in Sydney we rented a car and went south. The journey went along the Grand Pacific Highway, a scenic route along New South Wales coastline, through national parks, on scenic bridges and through small and nice villages. The approx. 1.000 km's from Sydney to Melbourne

Australia part 5, Sydney, 2012-12-29 -- 2013-01-02
onsdag 2 januari 2013 - Sydney, New South Wales, Australien

Pictures first..... Text later... Eventually


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