End of a very large tube of toothpaste and a great trip
söndag 9 december 2018 - Huntingdon, England, Storbritannien

So we are back to reality after a fantastic time away. It is very dark and chilly but I have at least stopped falling asleep all the time and this morning actually manage to sleep until the alarm went off.A week ago we left our hotel but not  until I had managed to pull the towel the wall

Last night of indulgence in Singapore !
lördag 1 december 2018 - Singapore, Singapore

It is the 1st of December and our trip is nearly at an end. Our luxury lifestyle will soon be a memory but in the meantime we are enjoying our Club room and balcony overlooking the lively Clarke Quay in the heart of old Singapore. Near here is where Sir Stamford Raffles came ashore and founded

Plush and lush in Singapore with big Viking breakfast
fredag 30 november 2018 - Singapore, Singapore

We arrived in Singapore yesterday morning very early and very tired after a 10 hour flight.  The airport fulfilled it's duty as one of the best by having no queues anywhere and our bags arriving promptly.After a quick taxi ride into town and staggering into the Swiss Merchant Hotel with all our 

A day of farewells - to Richard, Takapuna and New Zealand
onsdag 28 november 2018 - Auckland Airport, Auckland, Nya Zeeland

Sitting at the airport trying to stay awake for our flight to Singapore at 01.20 tomorrow morning.. Luckily we had booked a lounge which turned out to be really good and have plenty of food - that we are too full up to enjoy !!.Starting the day by saying good bye to Takapuna after managing to close

Tropical Takapuna life with added gorgeous beach
tisdag 27 november 2018 - Takapuna, Auckland, Nya Zeeland

Yesterday we spent the day exploring Takapuna and dodging heavy rain showers.  Strolling around the streets and visiting the odd shop and cafe. In fact had a lovely lunch in one of them Leaf and Loaf. The staff were incredibly nice - in fact they are everwhere we go.Later on we had a nice long

Thinking of buliding an Ark but improvement on horizon ....
söndag 25 november 2018 - Takapuna, Auckland, Nya Zeeland

Saturday we were planning to go to Matakana and Puhoi - but it rained of  Biblical proportions the whole day-  so instead we admired the rainsoaked view of the valley through the windows and did some washing and other domestic duties ... and ate too many crisps and biscuits .....Sunday did not

Missing all the Black Friday bargains - but we don't care !
fredag 23 november 2018 - Devonport, Auckland, Nya Zeeland

Thursday morning we headed off to find the bus stop we had located on the transport website and hoped for the best. And guess what-  it was all correct down to the time the bus was supposed to arrive.Bus is the best alternative for the city centre as the traffic into town is always queueing and

Tipsy blog and glueing Penguin
onsdag 21 november 2018 - Auckland, Nya Zeeland

Tuesday was our travelling day back to Auckland via Waipu and the Salt and Pepper cafe. this time we were served by a totally clueless lady who had great problems using the till. It was a miracle she managed to get our order right.I had the biggest portion of chips you could ever see and Anita was

Hic the Penguin was missing
onsdag 21 november 2018 - Auckland, Nya Zeeland

Told you I was is the missing picture of penguin building

Cruise invasion and Russel ex-Hell Hole of the Pacific
måndag 19 november 2018 - Russell, Northland, Nya Zeeland

We thought Monday would be a quiet day in Paihia after the busy weekend - little did we know that a cruise ship had appeared in the Bay. Apparantly quite a common occurance. The streets were flooded with mainly portly Americans and a Craft Market had appeared in the village hall and on the green


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