Day three!!

Right now we are at Westpac Stadium in New Zeeland and are about to the final in the rugby world cup witch is being played by irelnd - England. After the match we are going to eat and we don´t know what to eat yet. When we are have eaten we want to go to a party at our hotel. 

Day two!!

Today we went to see the semi-finals in rugby at Westpac Stadium. It was two good matches betwen England - Australia and New Zeeland - Ireland. After the matches we where pretty hungry so we went to McDonalds to get some hamburgers exept James he´s vegan. Right now we are chilling at our hotel and

We arrived!!
måndag 14 januari 2019 - Oriental Bay, Kiriwhakapapa, Wellington, Nya Zeeland

Last night we arrived at Wellington AirPort in new Zeeland and our first impression of the AirPort was that it was very large. Right now we are at oriental bay and sunbathing, swimming, eating icecream and having fun. 

A trip with David, Jacob and James Charles
söndag 13 januari 2019 - Nya Zeeland

Three friends on a trip to new Zeland to watch som good old rugby.


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